The Cricut Mini

Ok, please let me know if I’ve missed something.

PC has a new Cricut mini that can only be used with the Cricut Craftroom (right now you can’t get into the craftroom unless you get an invite from PC) AND you must have an internet connection?  With the Cricut Mini you have to be connected to the internet.  You can link your cartridges to the CraftRoom or the Gypsy.

The cutting area is only 8 ½ x 11! Sounds like a downgrade from the Expression.  Looking at one of their videos, PC did state this was one of their low-end machines so that anyone can afford a machine (MSRP $119). I'm sorry, but if I was to buy a PC machine for anyone as a gift, which I won't, it would not be the Cricut Mini.  This one is more restrictive than the other machines!  Must be connected to the Internet?!!  Get real!

Also, the linking of the cartridges to the craftroom (CCR) is a dangerous idea IMHO.  Why?  I have a Gypsy.  Once the cartridges are linked to the Gypsy you are not supposed to resell the cartridges you no longer use and there is no way to unlink the cartridges from the Gypsy so you can legally sell them.

I can’t see why things that cost so much lose their resell value after you have linked them up to the company’s machine WITH NO WAY of unlinking the cartridges. To me, not letting customers unlink the cartridges is downright wrong, but that’s just my opinion.

So, my concern is this:  Once you link your cartridges to Cricut Craftroom, does this mean you can’t link the cartridges to your Gypsy or vice versa?  Will there be a way to unlink the cartridges from the CraftRoom?  I guess this part doesn't matter since the dang machine is made to be used with CricutCraftRoom?

I love my Expressions and won’t be selling it, but and I won’t be buying another PC machine, especially since there are other die cutters out there that allow you to use jpgs, pdfs, SVG cut images, etc. to use on your machine and not have to purchase cartridges that lose their resell value as soon as you link it to a craftroom or Gypsy.

One other question I have is, why is PC selling the Cricut Mini, but only inviting a select view into the CraftRoom?  The dang machine does not work without a connection to the Craftroom and/or Internet!

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