First Successful Pazzles Inspiration Overlay

I have just completed my first overlay using the Pazzles Inspiration and the Pazzles Studio Basic Software!  Of course I had to do this a few times to get it right after watching Klo's video on Pazzles website.  Thank you Klo!  :-)

With this particular cutout I used plain old black paper from Michael's.  I don't even know the paper weight, but I am guessing it is about 65 lb weight.

On the Pazzles machine I set my blade to 2 and pressure of 33.  Two things I will do differently with this cut is make the border thicker and expand the hole in the Y.

The images are from my Pazzles Inspiration Studio library.  I won't be using this cutout for anything because it was a test to see if I could do this successfully.

Also, I would not dare use that orange paper.  It is too "in my face" even though I love orange. :-)

I have a lot of ideas for these overlays!  I really, really like overlays.  I used to make them with my Cricut, but now I can design my own anyway I want with the Pazzles Inspiration.

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