Make Your Own Rhinestone Design Templates

UPDATE:  April 1, 2013

I finally found the information I was searching for.  I had been having trouble brushing in the stones quickly and was placing more into the template individually than brushing in.  I found out that the holes for the rhinestones should be cut at least 0.5 mm bigger than the rhinestone size.  I was thinking: "that sounds really big" and then I tried it.  Worked like a charm!!

Example:  If your rhinestones are 2.9mm, add 0.5mm and your holes will be 3.4mm for the stones to stay inside the holes while brushing.

A couple of months ago I was in search of rhinestone design template material and found some, the green stuff (hartco 425), but it is too costly for me (there is a cheaper product at speciality-graphics.com and it's orange).  So, I went through a series of tries to see what I could come up with.

My first attempt was to use 110 lb paper to cut my holes into and taped it to a piece of chipboard.  It worked ok with larger rhinestones, but not with 2mm rhinestones.  The stones kept falling in between the paper and the chipboard.  FAILED ATTEMPT

My second attempt worked out much better.  I covered some chipboard with contact paper (easily found at a dollar store), cut out the holes on my Pazzles and voila! a very cheap way to make a rhinestone template! SUCCESS!

Now that I know how I will make my rhinestone templates, I have to get my Pazzles Inspiration to cooperate with me to make the 2mm holes.  See my other posting on this.

I added a video to show you how I make rhinestone designs using the Pazzles Inspiration Pro 2010 software:

Here is the video of me discussing what I use to make my homemade Rhinestone Template Material (Sept 30, 2011):

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