SCAL 3 Assistance Needed for Pazzles Inspiration Machine

Hey there, I have a quick question or two regarding Sure Cuts A Lot/SCAL 3 (for use with a Pazzles Inspiration machine).

First let me start by saying that CraftEdge and Svgcuts.com have awesome tutorials and the forum is great on Craftedge's website, but it seems most info is geared towards SCAL 2 and not the current version of SCAL 3 (at least at the time I am writing this post).

What does "Automatically simplify shapes" mean (see next image)?  Can I use this to ensure small circles are completely cut out all the way around?  When I was watching the Preferences video I noticed that this option is not in SCAL 2 and I have not found any help on it at all.  That is the one disappointment I have with SCAL 3, there is barely any help for this version (but tons of help for SCAL 2, and the HELP file in my version is of NO HELP to me for my specific questions.

From my SCAL 3 Version of the Edit tab:

SCAL 2 version of the Edit Screen taken from their Preferences video on svgcuts.com:

Also, after I did a USB Driver update, I thought that my cutter, Pazzles Inspiration would appear but it doesn't.  Could this be why I can't cut small circles correctly, because I can't manage my PI within SCAL 3?  Looking at SCAL 2 videos on SVG Cuts.com, when they used the Cricut, the machine was added to this area for basic management (notably changing of the cut speed to low, which SVG Cuts states is to get better cutting for intricate cuts).

My SCAL 3 version of the Cutter tab (after I updated my driver to work with the Pazzles Inspiration (twice to make sure, but same result)). Notice my Pazzles Inspiration is not listed and no way to change the cut speed as in SCAL 2 (see next image).

SCAL 2 version of the Cutter tab from svgcuts.com:

I am completely new to SCAL, so I have not used any other version except SCAL 3.007, but I have limited resources to find out what I need to know about SCAL 3 to use it for my specific needs.  It has been stated a few times that SCAL 3 is no different than SCAL 2 except that SCAL 3 no longer works with the Cricut.  As you can tell from my post, there are indeed differences and they don't appear to be documented for those who are new to SCAL 3.

So if you have any tips and tricks, please let us know, especially regarding my issues above.

Thanks a bunch for any tips you have for us newbies.  :-)

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