SCAL 3 Rhinestone Feature

Hey everyone

Got a question:  Does anyone know how to use the rhinestone feature in Sure Cuts A Lot 3?  I am having the most difficult time.  I can barely get text to rhinestones cleanly, let alone a simple image.  In the software, no matter what I do for spacing, some stones overlap and stones are appearing anywhere on the mat sometimes.  I clean the image before using it in SCAL, but it does not help.  I fear I will have to move on from SCAL 3 because my main goal when I purchased it was the rhinestone feature.  I feel I have wasted money.

Anyway, if you have any tips, I would love to hear them (before I delete SCAL completely).


  1. Interested to see what you do with your Pazzles. I just sold my Ecraft and bought a Pazzles today. The Ecraft was more of an Ecrap.

    As to the rhinestone feature in SCAL, what size stones and spacing are you going for? I just tried a few more complicated fonts and images in several rhinestone sizes and different spacing, and I didn't have much trouble getting things to look nice. I haven't messed with this feature much though, just a bit when it first came out. Post some pics or .svg's of what you are trying to convert on the SCAL forum, and maybe someone can come up witha method for you.

  2. Hi Kate

    Thank you for commenting. I will see if I can do just that - load up an image BEFORE I attempt to clean it up.

    I think my problem is that some of my images are too detailed, even though they don't seem too detailed to me. :-)

    I had a Sil SD and sold it 6 days after I bought it. :-) It was just too quirky for my taste :-)

  3. I have a cricut and SCAL 2 I have loved it but I am having difficulty with moving rhinestones in the template desigh when I go in to move the rhinestone the I can not cut the design, my computer acts as if it is cutting & then says "cutting complete" but it did not cut. Does anyone know if there is a bug, I have emailed craftedge & not gotten a response.

  4. HI Stephanie

    I have never used SCAL with Cricut, but I do know that there has been some problems. If you have done any updates to your Cricut or the software, you may be out of luck because of the lawsuit that took place between Provocraft and Craftedge. I'm sorry, but I can't truly say what is happening.

    One thing to try though is to make sure you have the Cricut selected as your cutter (if you have not done any updates).

    I hope you find your answer.