Re-using your Cricut and Pazzles Mats

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Just wanted to share a little tip regarding your Cricut and Pazzles Inspiration mats.  In the past I’ve used Goo Gone to clean the sticky stuff off my mat, and then wash it down with Dawn dish detergent.  You can use any citrus oily cleaner (at least in my case this has worked great).  I use Goo Gone for everything that is gummy and needs to be taken off.  I first used Goo Gone when I had a tag on a piece of glass that wouldn’t come off.  Goo Gone is great for getting bubble gum off things too, but I’ve never used it on fabric (I’m thinking that wouldn’t be such a good idea, but not sure).  The other thing about Goo Gone is that although it works great, I’m impatient and don’t want to wait 30 minutes to take off the gunk.  For some small things it works faster.

Others have used Stick Away, which makes it extremely easy to take off the gunk.  Then use Stick & Spray to put the repositionable glue back on.

Here’s an even cheaper way:

Use Brake Cleaner to get the gunk off!  Very cheap and you can find it at any car parts store or even Walmart.

I would suggest you go outside to do this too.

First, spray the mat with the Brake Cleaner; let it sit for a few minutes, then scrape off with something like an old credit card or spatula.  Once you’ve got all the gunk off, wash the mat with soapy warm water and lay it flat to air dry.

Next, take some painter’s tape or masking tape and tape off the sides (you don’t want to spray on these areas because you’ll gunk up your rollers with glue.

After you’ve taped all sides, go back outside and spray a nice even coat of repositionable glue onto the mat.  Don’t spray too close or you’ll get too much glue on the mat. Also, spray in a back and forth even motion if you can.  Let dry overnight.

Hope this tip helps you save on money!  I know it has helped me.

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