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Giraffe Card Base - Pazzles Inspiration File

Hey folks

I made this card base using a giraffee head.  I added an "earring" in the ear and a googly eye.  I then used some fluid chalk around the edges of the card and around the Happy Birthday tag.  I used my Pazzles Pen tool to write the text.  The bling is hot-fix rhinestuds.  I put them on using my i-rock hot fix tool (this thing gets really hot and the rhinestones stick in like a second!).


Don't Cut Through Your Pazzles Mat

When I first starting cutting with my Pazzles Inspiration, I cut right through the mat!  Imagine the horror!  I was thinking about cutting on my Cricut Expressions I guess.  I had never cut through a mat with my E.  Well I am here to tell you that the Pazzles Inspiration has a LOT more cutting force than the E.

To avoid cutting through your mat, always start with a blade pressure of 1.5 and a pressure of like 13-18 for test cuts.  Trust me, you will save mats this way.  I learned the hard way to start low and work my way up.  My first mat was rendered unusable the first day!

Also, even now, when I change to a new blade, I take that blade length back down to 1.5 and do test cuts until I get the right combination of blade length and pressure.  Also, when I am changing pressure, I increase it by 2 numbers until I get the cut I want.  If I had practiced this from the start, I could have saved LOTS of paper.  I have wasted so much paper it is downright criminal.

Anyway, I hope this post will help you in not wasting paper and not shredding your Pazzles mats.



3D Shoe Display and Other Stuff

I got a request from my buddy at Busy Hands Ceramics at our local flea market in Conyers, GA to make some shoes to display nail polish. I also made a page of Delta Sigma Theta symbols, cut from red glossy vinyl, for her ceramic shoes that sell like hotcakes!  This vinyl, I just noticed yesterday, has a life expectancy of like 5 years, which is cool.  I made a vinyl wall design a year or two years ago and it still looks great and there is no residue when I pull it from the wall to check on it.  This stuff is awesome and very easy to cut and weed.  I hesitated to buy it when I saw the price, but once I took the plunge.......well worth the money for sure.

I found this shoe template from Skip to My Lou to use to hold the nail polish. My buddy’s shoe displays won’t be decorated; I just used K&Company’s Brenda Walton Designer Paper, which is double-sided. Sarah wanted her shoes to have a solid color inside so the pattern wouldn’t interfere with the nail polish colors, so I used Michael’s Black Recollections cardstock.

Here are the two files you will need:
Witch Shoe
Witch Shoe Inside

I tried to make my own version of this template.  I wanted a closed toe shoe so I added a front toe flap.  I also added a flower cut out on the sides.

Anyway, hope you like them.

I have some faux stitching ideas for the shoes too, but I have to wait until I can get a hold of a pen tool holder that allow me to use my Ultra Fine Mini Sharpies. So far I have been using the pencil grips to hold the markers, but I haven't perfected that yet.

On my shoe, I used Color Box Fluid Chalk. This stuff is awesome when you need dimension. Depending on your project, you can get an old world look too. I use brown a lot on ripped edges to make pages look worn.  I use the color chalk that coordinates with the paper for the shoe I decorated.  When I use Black paper, I use a fluid chalk color based on the bling or other embellishments I will be using.

Anyway folks, happy craftin'. Chat with ya soon. :-)



Things I Miss About the Cricut

Ok, never thought I would say this, but I miss the Cricut Community!  There were so many people to interact with on a daily basis and so much inspiration!  I was in swaps and challenges and meeting a LOT of nice people on YouTube and other places.  I really miss the community involvement more than the machine and cartridges. I do not miss buying those cartridges and the Angel Policy restrictions on what I can do with the images after I’ve created a project.

I really like my Pazzles Inspiration and I’ve met some really nice people in the Pazzles Craft Room, but the community involvement is nowhere near as hoppin’ as the Cricut community.  Darn.  It sure would be nice.  Unfortunately, I have no clue on how to get a hoppin’ community started on my own.  Are there any Pazzles people out there that can think of some things to do to make our community the happenin’ place to be for Pazzles users?

I am a newbie with the Pazzles Inspiration machine and the software, but I’m working on it.  I’ve been using both since the end of July 2011.  So far I have attempted quite a few things and loving the fact that I can accomplish some things with the software I couldn’t accomplish with my Cricut software.

Initially, I had decided to put my Cricut machine away and only use my Pazzles, but now I have decided to use both.  UPDATE 2013:  I sold my Cricut and Gypsy because I was not using them at all.

I really do want a good community involvement.  It would be even nicer if I could find some people in my neighborhood that use the Pazzles.  That would be super!

Anyway, hopefully, things will get better with the Pazzles community as far as exposure and things, but until then I will just have to wait.  Darn.  My main wish is to be able to buy their supplies locally!

If you live in or near Hampton, GA, let me know and we can get together to create!  I am also open to teach the basics of the Pazzles Inspiration machine if you live in my area.  Don’t be shy, leave a comment!

Take Care



Help, how do I stop tearing paper in my Pazzles?!

If you are new to the Pazzles world, join the rest of us with that question.

In the beginning I wasted so much paper it should have been a crime.  It seemed like no matter what I did I kept wasting tons of paper.  I would set the blade at this and a pressure of that and still disaster was near me.  I wanted to throw the machine out of the window.  I think I was expecting the ease of the Cricut cutting.  One thing to note, you had better not use a blade depth of 2 or 3 with a new blade; it will cut through your mat if you’re not using Chipboard or Acrylic.   Yikes!

I’ve been using my Pazzles Inspiration since July 28, 2011, so I am very new to using both the machine and the software.  I took the plunge and bought the Pazzles Inspiration Pro 2010 software and I am kind of happy I did (only because I think there are some glitches. but I hear there may be some updates soon).

Oh, if you just got your machine, be sure to do the firmware and software updates before you start cutting or you will get undesired results.  If you have a new machine and you purchased the Pro 2010 software, do all the updates (there are updates for the Pro 2010 software too).  Once you load your software, click on Help, Internet Pazzles Online, then Software Updates (or something like that, not sure if this is the same way in the basic software.  Just in case, here is the link to the updates for the firmware and basic software updates: Pazzles Updates.

Another thing:  If you have a MAC you will need some way to use the PI software in a Windows environment.  I’ve seen members use VMFusion, or something like that, so they can use their PI Software, so not all is lost for MAC users.

Anyway, here is the lesson I learned: cut out stars for test cuts at the bottom of whatever type of paper you are using.  This will save SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much paper!  I use stars because of the angles.  If the angles cut good, then all else is a piece of cake.

I basically use three kinds of papers; Michael’s Recollections, Kay & Co. (or K & Co.), and Walmart's ColorBok.  They seem like different weights of paper, but I can use the same blade settings for them.

Anyway, with a new blade I start out with a blade length of 1 and a pressure of 18 for the papers I mentioned above.  For vinyl and a new blade, I start out with blade length of 1.5 and 13.  If I don’t get good cuts, I increase the pressure by two numbers and continue to do test cuts until I get the ease of getting the design off without straggly paper left over.
DEC 2011 UPDATE:  My machine had to be replaced again.  I am now on my 3rd machine since July 2011!  Not cutting on the right side was ONE of the machine flaws.

And…………….you will find that you will have to change the blade length and pressure over a short time because the blades dull very fast (but I cut every day, so it’s fast to me).  One thing I have been thinking about, but have not tried, is what my grandma used to do with her scissors - get them sharpened.  I wonder if that will work with these tiny blades.  Hmmmmm.  Knowing me I would muck them up, but it’s worth a try.  I’ll just go and find my little pumice stone and see how it works.  I’ll get back to ya on that one.

Hope this information helps ya.



Pazzles Crowd

Hey there people

Got a question.  Where can I find a blog or forum that is "hoppin" all the time for people who use the Pazzles Inspiration machine?

I've been looking on the internet for weeks now and have not found a single place where Pazzles users are constantly doing things with their machines!  I feel so alone!  :-)

Are there any places where groups are constantly challenged with designs?

I've visited various yahoo groups and I am a member of the Pazzles Craft Room, but I need more.  I am looking for a place to join so that I can see at least weekly happenings.  I guess I am expecting the same type of social activities I saw when I was using my Cricut.  Could this be why the Pazzles community is not so social; because we don't have access to the exact same things used on the Cricut cartridges?  I am wondering.

Initially, I thought I would never use my Cricut E again, but if I can't find an active social Pazzles crowd, I guess I will have to bring out the E again and just use my Pazzles for designing my own things when I want to be in my own world.  I don't know, I'm confused.  :-)

I can't wait until I can have a craft room again.  I can then set up both my E and my PI.

I made this Guitar Overlay the other day using my Pazzles Inspiration.  I can't wait to use this overlay!

Anyway, I will post later.  Have a great weekend (or the rest of it).  :-)


Cricut Mats vs Pazzles Mats

Recently I’ve seen posts stating that you can’t use the Cricut Mats with the Pazzles Inspiration.  Who knew?!  I’ve been using Cricut 12 x 12 mats with my Pazzles Inspiration without a problem.  As a matter of fact, I bought some Cricut Imagine mats and I use those too.  The looks of these mats are different, but to me, that is it.  They are 12 x 12 and that is all I need.

There is one thing I would like to point out and I don’t know if I just bought a bad set, but the Cricut mats I bought that have the black border are not as sticky as the original mats (VERDICT:  I had a bad set.  The Imagine mats are just as sticky as the other mats).  I know that some people don’t like really sticky mats, but I do. I use the hand method because I feel it works really good, but it's time consuming.

The only thing I can think that would not make using the Cricut mat with the Pazzles Inspiration a good idea is if you want to use the mat guidelines based on the mat on the screen.  I like using the Cricut mats also because I can buy them locally and not have to wait a week to get Pazzles mats in the mail.
I thought that when I bought my Pazzles I wouldn’t have to buy anything else made by Provocraft, but I was wrong!  I have to buy Cricut mats or order my Pazzles mats online!  I really wish I could buy Pazzles supplies locally.  This is the only downside I can think of about Pazzles - can’t buy their supplies locally!  You also gamble big time when you buy replacement blades online.  I bought blades twice from Amazon and both blade sets are not as sharp as the blade that came with my machine!  I feel so stuck now that I can’t readily find supplies like I was able to do with my Cricut.


African Bride Overlay - Pazzles

Hey all

Here is an African Bride overlay design I made using my Pazzles Inspiration software.  The first image is from the software.

Brads are in the flowers and I used the bling stickers for the diamonds and AB Crystals.