Cricut Mats vs Pazzles Mats

Recently I’ve seen posts stating that you can’t use the Cricut Mats with the Pazzles Inspiration.  Who knew?!  I’ve been using Cricut 12 x 12 mats with my Pazzles Inspiration without a problem.  As a matter of fact, I bought some Cricut Imagine mats and I use those too.  The looks of these mats are different, but to me, that is it.  They are 12 x 12 and that is all I need.

There is one thing I would like to point out and I don’t know if I just bought a bad set, but the Cricut mats I bought that have the black border are not as sticky as the original mats (VERDICT:  I had a bad set.  The Imagine mats are just as sticky as the other mats).  I know that some people don’t like really sticky mats, but I do. I use the hand method because I feel it works really good, but it's time consuming.

The only thing I can think that would not make using the Cricut mat with the Pazzles Inspiration a good idea is if you want to use the mat guidelines based on the mat on the screen.  I like using the Cricut mats also because I can buy them locally and not have to wait a week to get Pazzles mats in the mail.
I thought that when I bought my Pazzles I wouldn’t have to buy anything else made by Provocraft, but I was wrong!  I have to buy Cricut mats or order my Pazzles mats online!  I really wish I could buy Pazzles supplies locally.  This is the only downside I can think of about Pazzles - can’t buy their supplies locally!  You also gamble big time when you buy replacement blades online.  I bought blades twice from Amazon and both blade sets are not as sharp as the blade that came with my machine!  I feel so stuck now that I can’t readily find supplies like I was able to do with my Cricut.


  1. I also use my old circut mats. I clean the old glue off with goo gone and use a wide tip glue pen (the ones that are blue and dries for repositionable use) It works like a charm for me. Also, the circut mats are narrower than the Pazzles mats. So when you load it, you have to center it. I have no problems cutting a piecing project all on one mat with different color scraps for the different pieces.

  2. I am also using my old circut mats. I clean off the old glue with goo gone and reglue with the wide tip glue pen (the ones with glue that's blue when wet and dries clear so it can be repositionable. The circut mats are narrower, so I carefully center them when I load them into the Pazzles machine. Also, I can place small scraps on my mat to cut a piecing project. Just make sure your blade tip is in line with the top right corner of your cutting grid area.

  3. Hey fourstar

    Thanks for the posts.

    I will try the Zig Two-Way. I've seen people use it. I had been using the CC Stick and Spray, but after about 3-4 cuts, I need to restick it again. Thanks for reminding me of the Wide Tip Zig Two Way. :-)

    Right now I am having problems finding the original Cricut mats because it seems they are being replaced with the less sticky Cricut Imagine mats. I just don't get it. I know people were complaining about the mats being too sticky, but to put so little glue on the new mats is ridiculous. I thought I had gotten a bad batch, but I've seen seen many reviews and the new Cricut mats are just not sticky enough for even light weight paper and I hate having to tape the edges.

  4. Hi, just surfing around tonight, looking for articles on Pazzles and Cricut mats, and came across your post. A tip I thought I'd offer - I "restick" my Pazzles mats with these steps:
    1. I take the mat over to the sink, and gently wash it with my hand, warm water, and liquid hand soap. Rinse the soap off and let it drip dry. I clip it to the top of my shower curtain.
    2. Then I tape off the edges with masking tape.
    3. Using Krylon Easy Tack, I spray an even coat on the mat, then let it dry.

    It makes for a good sticky mat. It's almost too sticky, but I just press a scrap piece of paper on it a few times, and it's good to go.

    Becky Allred, eBay member beckyscraftroom

  5. Hi Becky

    Thanks for the sticky mat tip, but I've been there too.

    No problem on the sale of your mats on ebay.