Don't Cut Through Your Pazzles Mat

When I first starting cutting with my Pazzles Inspiration, I cut right through the mat!  Imagine the horror!  I was thinking about cutting on my Cricut Expressions I guess.  I had never cut through a mat with my E.  Well I am here to tell you that the Pazzles Inspiration has a LOT more cutting force than the E.

To avoid cutting through your mat, always start with a blade pressure of 1.5 and a pressure of like 13-18 for test cuts.  Trust me, you will save mats this way.  I learned the hard way to start low and work my way up.  My first mat was rendered unusable the first day!

Also, even now, when I change to a new blade, I take that blade length back down to 1.5 and do test cuts until I get the right combination of blade length and pressure.  Also, when I am changing pressure, I increase it by 2 numbers until I get the cut I want.  If I had practiced this from the start, I could have saved LOTS of paper.  I have wasted so much paper it is downright criminal.

Anyway, I hope this post will help you in not wasting paper and not shredding your Pazzles mats.



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