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Hey there people

Got a question.  Where can I find a blog or forum that is "hoppin" all the time for people who use the Pazzles Inspiration machine?

I've been looking on the internet for weeks now and have not found a single place where Pazzles users are constantly doing things with their machines!  I feel so alone!  :-)

Are there any places where groups are constantly challenged with designs?

I've visited various yahoo groups and I am a member of the Pazzles Craft Room, but I need more.  I am looking for a place to join so that I can see at least weekly happenings.  I guess I am expecting the same type of social activities I saw when I was using my Cricut.  Could this be why the Pazzles community is not so social; because we don't have access to the exact same things used on the Cricut cartridges?  I am wondering.

Initially, I thought I would never use my Cricut E again, but if I can't find an active social Pazzles crowd, I guess I will have to bring out the E again and just use my Pazzles for designing my own things when I want to be in my own world.  I don't know, I'm confused.  :-)

I can't wait until I can have a craft room again.  I can then set up both my E and my PI.

I made this Guitar Overlay the other day using my Pazzles Inspiration.  I can't wait to use this overlay!

Anyway, I will post later.  Have a great weekend (or the rest of it).  :-)

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