Smokers and Crafting (Swaps and RAKs)

Hi everyone

I just watched a video of someone stating the do’s and don’ts while swapping items and RAKs. One of the don’ts was sending packages that smell like cigarette smoke. Well, I have an idea for smokers…………….scent the inside of your packaging with something that will take away that smell! Of course be careful since the oil could stain your item inside, which in that case you should probably put your gift in a baggie/zip lock bag. I don’t know if this will work, but you may want to pour the oil on your finger, then rub it around in the box or envelope, then place your item in the packaging.

If you try this, let us know how it worked out for you. Also, ask the recipient if they smelled the smoke when they opened the package, then you’ll know what works for you and you can adjust the scent.

This is also a great way to scent your items even if you're not a smoker. Imagine someone opening your gift and taking in a really nice smelling scent. They will associate you with that scent for a long time. :-)

My favorite scent is Peppermint! I eat it too and it's my fav mint of all time.

Hope that helps.

Pazzle's Supplies, Wal-Mart, and Amazon

Here is an updated list of the prices for Pazzles supplies on Walmart.com and Amazon.com.  Keep in mind that you don't have to pay shipping cost with Walmart if you use Site to Store.  Prices include shipping to my area in GA.
                            Walmart               Amazon                  Date
Mats (12x12)         14.88                     18.58                      July 11, 2012
Blades                    13.14                     15.48                     July 11, 2012
Machine               477.19                   487.49                    July 11, 2012
Pen Tool                 23.96                     28.98                     July 11, 2012
So, with shipping, Amazon is more expensive than Walmart, at least for July 2012.  Trust me, the prices change frequently with these two vendors.
Tip:  I bought a set of Cricut 12x24 original mats from Amazon and paid less than $19 with shipping. I cut both mats in half and now I have 4 12x12 mats.  I'll let you do the math on that one.


Pentel Pen Reviews (Slicci and Sunburst)

I have been on the hunt for a good writing White ink pen, but can’t seem to find one. I was using the Sakura Gelly Roll White Gel Pen, but it leaves small pools of ink. I had another white ink pen too, but can’t remember the name of it because I really didn’t like it either.
On Saturday I went to Hobby Lobby to see if I could find some decent pens and ran across some Pentel pens. I hesitated to buy another White gel pen, but did it anyway.

The Pentel Sunburst White Gel Pen is better than the Sakura White Gel pen I have, but it still leaves ink in places I don’t want. Overall, I would say that if I have no other choice, I would buy this pen again. To be honest, I wonder if there are any smooth writing White Gel pens out there (maybe I will see if a smaller mm will work, I bought the 0.8 mm).

I also bought the Pentel Arts Slicci Metallic Silver Pen. I LOVE this pen! It writes smooth and is awesome is all I can say.

Later, I will buy the whole set. Just as a tip, if you do buy the whole set of the Slicci’s you will pay less per pen (Mine was $3.99). I didn’t know about these pens until I went to Hobby Lobby, but when I purchase again it will be from Amazon. Aaaarrrggghhh!


Shopping at Hobby Lobby Today - Graphic 45 and 7 Gypsies

Today I went to Hobby Lobby to look at some paper collections to see what they had new on the shelves.  My first surprise was Graphic 45 paper.  I had never seen G45 at Hobby Lobby and had given up on it and continued to buy it online.  Now it’s local.  Yayyy!!
I also saw more of 7Gypsies than I’ve ever seen at Hobby Lobby.  I didn’t buy this pack today, but I will soon (bought another pack - GCD Studios, Sweet Surrender).
If you like Steampunk, the 7Gypsies Paddington paper and stamps would be a good choice.  I LOVE Steampunk, so you know this will be my next purchase.


Things I do with Scrap Paper and Paper Pad Covers

I use my paper pad covers for many different reasons, but they don’t make it to the trash.
Here are some things I’ve used my paper pad covers for:
--Books covers and inserts
--Handmade embellishments (dressforms, shoes, purses, etc)
--Background for paper embellishments
--Made pencil and pen boxes
--Greeting Cards (my hardcover cards)
Many times my scrap paper will find itself in many projects.  I’ve used up scraps to make layered flowers and other embellishments, especially for me to write or stamp a sentiment on.  When the paper scraps get really small I will either add them into a collage on a canvas with mod podge or shred all of them together and use them as padding in something like a dress form (instead of batting) or to stuff a santa image (anything that needs some puffiness).  There are tons of things to do with scraps than trashing them.  I don’t know about you, but my dollars are short, so I make the best out of all paper and covers I have on hand.
What do you do with yours?


Hand Drawn Updo Hairstyle colored with Copic markers

Hey folks

One of my SOC sisters said I should decorate the image I drew and colored using my copic markers (she's looking down to show you the top of her head).  I had never thought to use my practice drawings on anything, so I am happy Scrap.n.Sista gave me the idea.  :-)

Here is the image before I added the bling:

Here are the images once I added it to the card:

I handwrote the "Princess"; it was really an afterthought because I made a boo boo with the chaulk ink.  :-)

For the hair color, I used these C-Family of Copic markers.  I don't have ALL of the C-Family, but most of them.  They are wonderful for getting a shine to black hair:

Well, I will check back in later.  Take Care.



Texture Boutique Embossing Machine

This is a really cool machine.  I almost bought the Cuttle Bug before I saw this little machine.  The truth is that I have a Cricut Expressions and felt there was no need for another machine for die-cuts.  Also, this machine is inexpensive.

The Texture Boutique Embosser only embosses, no cutting AND you can use the cuttle bug folders.  The cuttle bug folders can't be any wider than 4".  I don't emboss huge objects, so this is a perfect little embossing machine for me and it's soooooooooooo cute.

The Paper Studio Line - Simple Elegance with Foil

Just made a birthday card using the Paper Studio Simple Elegance paper with foil.  I've had this paper for a LONG time.  It's one of those paper collections I like to hoard.  :-)  The pack I have is 4.5" x 6.5".  I usually buy this size paper for the front of greeting cards so I don't have to cut much.  The ribbon is paper from the same sheet.

My Pazzles Inspiration don't like the Paper Studios cardstock pack (both black and white).  The paper weight is definitely different between these two types of paper.

I used my lovely Sizzix Texture Boutique embossing machine to emboss the paper and the script cuttle bug folder.  If something was to happen to this machine, I would buy another one!  The ONLY thing I don't like about it is that it has no suction, but that's not a deal breaker.

Hope you like it.  :-)

Cutting Dictionary Pages or Thin Paper on the Pazzles Inspiration

Have you ever tried to cut thin paper on your Pazzles Inspiration machine?  Yikes!
I tried using the Pen tool with my blade set at 1 with a pressure of 50, but the machine made no cut at all.  I then tried the Pen tool setting again by changing the blade to 1.5, but it wouldn’t work with a pressure of 5 (too weak) and 6 (too much - the paper ripped up).
So, I went back to what I was doing before to cut these thin sheets of paper.  I take some printer paper, lay the dictionary paper on top of it, then put a piece of my recollections card stock on top.  Tape all three pieces together to ensure a hold, then I tape this sandwich down on my mat on all four sides so that the paper doesn’t move while cutting.  My blade is dull already, so my blade setting is 2.5 with a pressure of 17-18.  I use two passes with the same settings to make sure my design is cutting out completely.
Hope that helps with cutting out thin paper. 

Cricut Expressions and Pazzles Inspiration Classes

Hi everyone

Just a reminder that I am available to teach Cricut Expressions and Pazzles Inspiration classes in the Conyers, GA area (Rockdale and Newton County).

I am also available to teach these classes at parties and events.

If you're interested, just leave me a comment with your email address and I will contact you to ask for a phone number. Don't leave your phone number in the comments section.



Ketle One Birthday Card

Hey all

Here's a card I made using my Pazzles Inspiration Software.  I had this idea for a birthday for my male cousin, but ran out of time, so I made him a different card and mailed it yesterday.

This card base is, folded 4.25 x a little over 5.5" (I'll update it later to get the right height).

The bottle, top, white label, and the base behind the K is chipboard.

For the bottle, I added some textured gray paper on top of the cardboard, then I used embossing powder and a heat gun to make it look a little liquidy.  The black bottle cap cardboard is covered with black paper.

If I make this one again, I won't use Sharpies for such small text.  The text is Ketle One

The red material behind the K is vinyl.

The card base is a sheet of paper from a Tim Holtz collection.  It's not too thick, but not thin either.  The metal book corners are made by Tim Holtz too.

I'm not sure of the brand of the brads, but I used the brads inside and outside of the card.

I found the label of the man on Google.

Hope you like it.  :-)


Steampunk Male Birthday Card

I am late, again, making a birthday for my cousin's birthday this year.  His b-day is on the 6th and I can't mail it until tomorrow.

I made the card base in my Pazzles studio software.  I wasn't sure what I wanted, but I ended up making the card into a tri-fold card. I added some metal to it and made a paper belt.  The embossed piece is a belt piece, purely for decoration.  It started out as a white piece of 110 lb cardstock paper made by Wassau.  The metal pieces are from various places.  The letter and numbers were cut from my Pazzles Studio Software as well.

The paper is from a Tim Holtz collection.  I thought I would add velcro for the closing of the card.

Hope you like it.  :-)