Cutting Dictionary Pages or Thin Paper on the Pazzles Inspiration

Have you ever tried to cut thin paper on your Pazzles Inspiration machine?  Yikes!
I tried using the Pen tool with my blade set at 1 with a pressure of 50, but the machine made no cut at all.  I then tried the Pen tool setting again by changing the blade to 1.5, but it wouldn’t work with a pressure of 5 (too weak) and 6 (too much - the paper ripped up).
So, I went back to what I was doing before to cut these thin sheets of paper.  I take some printer paper, lay the dictionary paper on top of it, then put a piece of my recollections card stock on top.  Tape all three pieces together to ensure a hold, then I tape this sandwich down on my mat on all four sides so that the paper doesn’t move while cutting.  My blade is dull already, so my blade setting is 2.5 with a pressure of 17-18.  I use two passes with the same settings to make sure my design is cutting out completely.
Hope that helps with cutting out thin paper. 

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