Texture Boutique Embossing Machine

This is a really cool machine.  I almost bought the Cuttle Bug before I saw this little machine.  The truth is that I have a Cricut Expressions and felt there was no need for another machine for die-cuts.  Also, this machine is inexpensive.

The Texture Boutique Embosser only embosses, no cutting AND you can use the cuttle bug folders.  The cuttle bug folders can't be any wider than 4".  I don't emboss huge objects, so this is a perfect little embossing machine for me and it's soooooooooooo cute.


  1. You know i almost bought one of these lil machines...when I first saw one in the store I thought it was soo cute!! I have the cuddlebug and i said i would not buy anything for scrapping unless needed it, so i did not get one. They are still cute!
    Stay crafty,

  2. Hey Alice! Nice to see you here. :-)

    I was up in the air too when I was trying to decide between the Cuttle Bug and this machine. The price got me first. I figured since I already had the Cricut to make die-cuts I didn't need something else to cut with (then I bought a Pazzles Inspiration). :-)

    I will see ya over at SOC ma'am. :-)