Things I do with Scrap Paper and Paper Pad Covers

I use my paper pad covers for many different reasons, but they don’t make it to the trash.
Here are some things I’ve used my paper pad covers for:
--Books covers and inserts
--Handmade embellishments (dressforms, shoes, purses, etc)
--Background for paper embellishments
--Made pencil and pen boxes
--Greeting Cards (my hardcover cards)
Many times my scrap paper will find itself in many projects.  I’ve used up scraps to make layered flowers and other embellishments, especially for me to write or stamp a sentiment on.  When the paper scraps get really small I will either add them into a collage on a canvas with mod podge or shred all of them together and use them as padding in something like a dress form (instead of batting) or to stuff a santa image (anything that needs some puffiness).  There are tons of things to do with scraps than trashing them.  I don’t know about you, but my dollars are short, so I make the best out of all paper and covers I have on hand.
What do you do with yours?

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