Chipboard Construction - Glossy Black Secretary Desk WPC and SVG Files

Hey folks

I want a new desk, but can't afford one, but I was looking for secretary desks and found one at Home Portfolio.

My version is nowhere near that construction, but it was certainly an inspiration.  I was told by two people that these can also be used as furniture in dollhouses (hadn't even thought about that one):

Here are the videos showing how I put this together:

Here's a chipboard bank I designed in my Pazzles software.  It's fairly small too.  I have to work with 8.5 x11 chipboard, so my design space is limited.

The bank opens on the bottom.  I chose velcro for my opening, but I can see it having other types of closures.  You can also add a photo behind the oval cut out.

The pieces in this file would be the back piece, the box, the bottom closure flap, 2 faux drawer fronts, and the 3 fluer di lis.

I painted my version using Pink and Metallic paint.  I added some decorative brads for the faux drawer pulls.  I added some hot fix rhinestuds and black paint dots.  The butterflies are from an acrylic stamp I had never used before.  I sealed the whole thing with Mod Podge.


  1. Wow, this just blows me away.
    So cool.
    I have always wanted one of these types of desks, but yes they are pricey

  2. Hi Tracy! Thanks for stopping by.

    I tell ya, one of these days I will have a secretary's desk. I am hoping to find one at a yard sale - one that I can refinish and decorate to my liking. :-)