The Paper Studio Black Cardstock is NOT cardstock

I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday to find some Black paper.  I really should have gone to Michael's to get the Recollections brand instead.

I now know why The Paper Studio paper is so cheap - it has the consistency of toilet paper.  This is NOT cardstock.

I needed to cut out a die-cut on my die-cut machine, but I can't do it with this paper because it leaves tons of fibers on the mat. I can only imagine what would have happened if I had tried to cut on a new mat.  The mat I used is an old mat that is barely sticky.  All other papers I use on this mat have to be taped down.

My first red flag, before I started cutting, was how the paper layed down on the mat as if the mat was sticky.  Oh boy, once I started to cut I noticed the design ripping in many places (I cut this same die-cut out on real cardstock (ColorBok and DCWV) successfully).

Don't be fooled by the word Cardstock with The Paper Studio because it is not cardstock.  Cardstock is more durable than this flimsy paper.  I bet that if I wet it, it would dissolve.

I am going to give this paper a one star only because I can use it for other things, but not with my die-cutter, which is what I needed it for in the first place.

Also with this Hobby Lobby haul, I bought The Paper Studio's Flourish Fusion with Foil.  It's funny how the packaging doesn't mention "cardstock", but it seems to be cardstock.  I'll see.  It does seem to be as thick as DCWV, so I should be successful in cutting this paper on my die-cut machine.  I'll let you know.

UPDATE:  Just did a search on The Paper Studio.  I did not know it was a Hobby Lobby store brand like Recollections is Michael's store brand.

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