Transparency Film and Pazzles Inspiration Machine

I like cutting vinyl and transparency film using my Pazzles Inspiration machine. Fortunately, the default setting in the Pazzles software is accurate if you’re using a new blade. In my software, the setting for vinyl is a blade length of 1.5 and the speed is 13. Now that my blade is well used, I use the same blade length, but I’ve increased my pressure to 18. I use this same setting on transparency film.

I use write-on transparency film in my projects when I want a “window” or need to see through something I’ve made. I don’t use this transparency film in copiers or printers because it will melt and you don’t want melted plastic in your machines. If I am not mistaken, if you see Write-On on the transparency box, you cannot use it in a device that has heat.

Transparency sheets are expensive if you buy the kind that is used with copiers and printers. I bought one pack of it, but won’t do that again. Also, the kind you can use in the copiers and printers are slick on both sides, at least the pack I bought, and I could not use any adhesive on it because it would not stick. With the write-on transparency sheets, the back has a slightly rougher feel to it and adhesive does stick to it. This is great for what I use it for - crafting. The other good thing is that the write-on is not as expensive as the other kind. When I bought mine a year ago, it was only $15 (the price has increased a few cents, but the shipping is making it cost a little more, but still not as expensive as the copier/printer type transparency).

Hope this was helpful to all of you who like to use transparency, but struggle with the cost of it.


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