Using ATG Gun Tape on my Cricut and Pazzles Mats

I just discovered something yesterday.
I use both Cricut and Pazzles mats - a lot.  I cut everyday so my mats don’t stay sticky for long.
I love cutting chipboard and the best time for me to do that is when my mats are new because I don’t have to use masking tape to hold it down.  Over the years I’ve used a lot of masking tape to hold the chipboard down.  I absolutely did not like that because it was time consuming.
Well, I didn’t have any more masking tape and my mat wasn’t sticky enough to hold the chipboard down while cutting.  The only tape I had available was in my ATG gun.  I put tape on all 4 sides of the chipboard, then placed it down on the mat and cut away. It worked like a charm!  It did not budge!  The only little thing is that the ATG tape was on some parts of my die-cut, but it was easy to roll off.
UPDATE:  May 7, 2013 - Found 3M 924 ATG Tape Alternative

I'm not sure of the tape's reliability yet, but I found an alternative ATG tape for my ATG 700.  I was watching a video on Youtube and the lady told us what she used and where to buy it from (thank goodness because Amazon's prices are over the top!).

Last night I ordered my alternative tape from http://findtape.com.  The item is called
JVCC ATG-7502 ATG Tape (Acid Neutral).  I ordered the 1/4" x 36 yds @ $1.98 each.  I am really happy the website tells you the 3M brand name you can replace.
Oh!  If you have the ATG 700 and want to use the 1/4" tape, you can purchase an adapter.  I am not sure where I purchased mine from since I purchased it right after I purchased my gun back in 2010.  Just shop around because some places charge WAY more than others.
UPDATE:  November 25, 2012 - Alternatives to ATG Tape

I can no longer afford my favorite tape:  3M ATG 924.  That stuff has increased so much in price I’ve had to find an alternative, but this is really not that uncommon for me.  I am always looking to craft on the cheap, but still get good quality.

I bought the Scotch Double Sided tape (permanent) over a year ago and would use it every now and then.  I would especially use it when I was waiting for an ATG order. I now use it in place of the ATG tape and it works really well for me on projects that are not heavy or need to hang for a long period of time (mainly greeting cards).  When you go to look for this tape, you will find varying lengths and prices.  On Amazon, as of today, I found the price to be as cheap as $2.22 a roll.

I also like to use Scor-Tape when I need a stronger hold. There are different widths of Scor-Tape.  My favorite width is ¼” x 27 yards and it costs $3.74 at customcrops.com.  It lasts a LONG time and it’s really strong tape, even though you can tear it from the roll.  I created a gift box for candy and sealed the box with Scor-Tape.  I was so happy with the way it held up under the weight.

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