Pazzles SVG File - Antique Radio Box

UPDATE November 3, 2014

Here's the chipboard version.  It only took me almost 2 yrs to get to it.  :-)  I still need to make a closure for it.

My inspiration for this antique radio is in the first 2012 photo below.

May 2012
I have quite a few images in my google images folder on my hard drive, so I decided to go ahead and start using some of them instead of looking for new images.  I've had this radio for about a month and now I can't remember the search term I used to find it.

Once I get more chipboard I'll cut this out again so it can be sturdier.  I'll be using this box to store my greeting cards.  I'll decorate it more too.

I have altered this file a little.  I took the little square box on the right side off.

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African American Steampunk - Fashion WPC File

This is a photo taken by Robert Wright for the New York Times.  The group is called the James Gang.  I hope Mr. Wright don’t mind me using his photo to test out my silhouette conversion with my Pazzles software.  I just think this is such a cool Steampunk photo.  The clothes designer is Alexander McQueen.

I cleaned up the file a bit using Adobe Fireworks:

Here is the file I created in my Pazzles software (it's an overlay for a photo).  I had to work on the hands a bit, so there was quite a bit of work there, but fun stuff.

I had to cut it a few times because I had to make some pieces bigger so that the machine wouldn't mangle the cuts.

I won't be using it for anything, I just wanted to see if I could get a successful cut from a photo with more details in it than the basic photos I've used in the past.

Anyway, I'm off to find something else to challenge me in the Pazzles software.  :-)

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Computer Desk with Hutch Designed in my Pazzles Software

Ok, I finally got enough energy to recreate this file.  I had another design that I worked on for 3 days until the file got corrupted and really frustrated me to no end (saving frequently did not help).  This time, I saved a backup on my own instead of relying on the Pazzles software to do it for me.
In this file, there are not a lot of pieces like the old file.  The old file had about 17 pieces, this one has 9.  I eliminated some of the vertical panels and the door for the CPU compartment.

For this file, I started out with chipboard and chose a brown color acrylic paint, but don’t like that much.  Unfortunately, the chipboard I used had a white slick coating on it and paint did not take well at all.  So, I decide to cut out the pieces again and use some of my Tim Holtz Ideology paper.  I used rhinestuds and embossed some tickets I found at the Dollar Tree to stick to the side.

Here's a photo of the desk after I added the monitor and keyboard.

I am member of Scraps of Color (SOC) and a couple of my sistahs and brothers asked me to make a video.  Here's my attempt (I say attempt because I had not planned on making a video of this project because of the measurements I get in my Pazzles software (not ruler friendly)):


Singer, Crayon, Princess Cupcake Holders

Here are 3 more cupcake holder designs I put together in my Pazzles software.  The jazz singer was difficult to accomplish, but I somehow made it work.

I can't share the Singer Cupcake holder because I used an image from the internet.


Cupcake Holders - Basketball and Safari Themes

Ok, so I finally finished making these two cupcake holders.  One is a Safari theme cupcake holder and the other one is Basketball theme cupcake holder.

January 10, 2013:

Here's another customized cupcake holder:


Personalized Cupcake Wrappers

Ok, here is my second attempt at making a personalized cupcake wrapper.  The base of the wrapper is approximately 2 3/8” x 2 1/8”.  The sides are approximately 2 1/8” in height.

For my design, I used the K & Co. Itsy Bitsy cardstock and glued the sides.


Websites and Software for Crafters

Have you ever thought about what type of software or website you’d like to see for crafters and scrapbookers?  Do you wish you could find a website or piece of software that could help you in some way?  What should this software or website provide that will help you in with your crafting?  Do you need a way to keep inventory of your supplies, where, when, and how much you paid for your crafting supplies, keep a list of all your projects and who you gave them to for gifts, etc?
Tell us your crafting wish list?


Zipper Greeting Card and Money Holder - WPC File

I was looking at purses this morning and saw a handbag with zippers on each side.  I was supposed to be making paper purses and somehow I got the inspiration to make a zipper greeting card instead (couldn't get it work like a real zipper, so I had to settle for what I could get, lol).

I closed this up with velcro on the side.

Hope you like it.  :-)


Truck Party Favor - WPC and SVG File For Sale

I can’t believe I was able to make this truck! I remember a few months back I was trying to figure out how to make 3D shoes and now I am making trucks?!

For this little truck party favor I got the inspiration from watching a UHAUL commercial, can you believe that? lol

The truck opens in the back so you can add candy, money, or whatever you like, but I must say the measurements are 5 5/16” x 2 ½”, which means it is narrow inside, but it’s still a good size for candy or money.

For my decorated version, I used DCWV “the Naturals” cardstock. I decided to make the doors open instead of having so many small pieces to attach.

I added one of my favorite things, hotfix rhinestuds, to some areas of the truck just for a little bit of bling.

Wait til you see my next version of this truck…… lol

This file is now in my Etsy shop in SVG format.

Truck Cupcake Wrapper
Here’s my first cupcake wrapper.  The size, including the closure flaps, are 8.251” x 1.53”.
This would be a perfect addition to the truck party favor box above.
These cupcakes were purchased from Kroger’s (Kimberly's Bake Shoppe).  They are sooooooooooooo tasty!  Of course I just had to mistakenly get that chocolate airy topping on the side of the wrapper.  :-)  This cupcake no longer exists....he he he!!


Crayon Shaped Party Favor Box WPC File

Hey there
I just finished making another party favor box WPC file.  This time I chose to make the box shaped like a crayon.
I was thinking about making the box totally closed, but thought it would be cuter to see the wrapped candy inside (cellophane to match the color scheme).
This particular file has 9 pieces and super easy to assemble.

For my decorated version I used 110 lb white cardstock for the base of the box as well as the mat on top on the bottle.  For the bottle I used K & Co. Itsy Bitsy paper collection.  I cut BABY out on pink cardstock.
I used colorbox fluid chalk for the edges and adhered some hotfix rhinestuds.

Stay tuned for more party favor boxes.  I made some sketches last night, so all I have to do is get it done in the Pazzles software.

Trinket Trunk SVG File

Here’s a little box I made after doing some research on suitcases.  I found a trunk that I really like, so I created this box in my Pazzles software.  My box is taller than the trunk I used for inspiration, but it’s ok.

Normally, I would have used chipboard for this project, but I don’t have any on hand, so I used the Paper Studios Fusion cardstock collection.
It took me quite a while to make this box, but the fun part was putting it all together, even though there are 48 total pieces.
The silver pieces I cut from Wassau 110lb White cardstock and used Silver pigment ink and embossing powder on them to give them a little shine and some color. The brown pieces along the edges is DCWV the Natural cardstock stack.  After I adhered the pieces on I added hotfix rhinestuds to give the trunk a little bling.
After I put it all together, I put High Gloss Mod Podge on some areas, and then I added the chains on the sides to keep the lid from moving so much (attached with brads).  I am thinking that if I had used chipboard the top would have been much sturdier.  I do like the chains on the inside.


Baby Shower Party Favor - 2012 Crib

Introducing my first baby crib designed in my Pazzles software!  I’m having construction fever for sure!

In the first photo, the bottom of the crib is a bit higher with a diamond and a heart.

When I edited the file I changed those symbols to 2012 and made the height shorter.
The mattress is the container to add candy, money, etc inside.  If you have wrapped candy, you can also sit it on top of the mattress.  I added Velcro for my closure.  The sides of the box are unattached because I wanted the box to pop up once I opened the closure.


Kitty Vinyl Car Decal

I finally made a vinyl car decal for my car window.  This one is pretty big, like 8" or so.  It is a layered design I put together in my Pazzles Inspiration software.