Computer Desk with Hutch Designed in my Pazzles Software

Ok, I finally got enough energy to recreate this file.  I had another design that I worked on for 3 days until the file got corrupted and really frustrated me to no end (saving frequently did not help).  This time, I saved a backup on my own instead of relying on the Pazzles software to do it for me.
In this file, there are not a lot of pieces like the old file.  The old file had about 17 pieces, this one has 9.  I eliminated some of the vertical panels and the door for the CPU compartment.

For this file, I started out with chipboard and chose a brown color acrylic paint, but don’t like that much.  Unfortunately, the chipboard I used had a white slick coating on it and paint did not take well at all.  So, I decide to cut out the pieces again and use some of my Tim Holtz Ideology paper.  I used rhinestuds and embossed some tickets I found at the Dollar Tree to stick to the side.

Here's a photo of the desk after I added the monitor and keyboard.

I am member of Scraps of Color (SOC) and a couple of my sistahs and brothers asked me to make a video.  Here's my attempt (I say attempt because I had not planned on making a video of this project because of the measurements I get in my Pazzles software (not ruler friendly)):

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