Vinyl Letters - Black Glossy Vinyl

LETTERS AND NUMBERS - Black Glossy Vinyl - $1

Letters approximately 1" x 1"

GARAGE SALE Letters - Black Glossy Vinyl - $1
 Approximately 11" x 3.5"

GRAND OPENING Letters - Black Glossy Vinyl - $1
Approximately 10" x 3"

YARD SALE letters - Black Glossy Vinyl - $1
Approximately 10" x 5"

Pazzles - Using Pen Tool with Engrave Feature

For some time I have been thinking of trying to color with my Pazzles machine.  I watched some videos of the engraving tool and decided to try to color with it.  I'm still new at this since I just started yesterday.  I like coloring with my Bic markers, but they bleed through the paper onto my mat (gotta add more paper underneath and tape down).

Here's a video for you to watch.



In Memory of Jalon G - Car Window Vinyl Decal

I was thinking about my little cousin today and made an In Memory of car window decal.  This is a picture of him when he was really little.  He will always be missed in our lives.


Free WPC Files by Request - CLOSED

Hey everybody

I've decided for the second half of 2012 to provide free WPC files by request.  If you have a request, let me know and I will try to create the file for you and for others to use.

Free WPC files are limited to 3 per month in total, so get your requests in for the month.

One request:  Please follow my blog before making requests so I can follow your blog too.

Your requests will definitely increase my design skills.  :-)

Take Care


Laptop and Wall Vinyl Designs

The photo above is what I used to convert to a silhouette.  I love music, so I had to add a heart in the middle someplace.

This is from a photo of a motorcycle provided by a friend.

Here are some wall, car, and laptop vinyl decals I made based on some photo ideas. Some of them are photos I converted after cleaning up some details.


Pazzles Mats and Cricut Mats

Today I went to purchase some Pazzles 12x12 mats at Amazon.com and had to change my mind.  Usually the price is around $15 or so (for 2 mats), with decent shipping costs, but today the price was like $13, but the shipping was almost $6.  The price would have been about the same, but I felt the pricing was deceitful so I passed on it.
Next, I was going to purchase the 12x12 original cricut mats, but on Amazon, they are selling for like $39 for a set of 2!  I could have bought the non-sticky Imagine mats, but the shipping was too high and I would have had to start out taping my paper down to the mat.  I don’t mind doing that with old mats, but not with new mats.  I know I can use spray adhesive, but why do that with new mats?
I finally ordered a set of 12x24 Cricut Mats.  This way I can cut them in half and have 4 mats for under $19 (with shipping).  I just hope I don’t get conned and receive Imagine mats like some customers have gotten when they thought they were buying the original 12x12 mats from Cricut (Cricut shows the original mats on the sale page, but then sends you the non-sticky Imagine mats).  UPDATE:  I got my 12x24 mats today and they are the original mats. I cut them in half too and now I have 4  12x12 mats for a decent price.  Yippee!
Right now I am using a flexible cutting mat used in kitchens.  They work ok for a short while, but tend to curl on the sides.  I have to find a good place mat to use.  I bought my flexible cutting mats from Walmart, but I am told I can find the place mats from Family Dollar, Big Lots, and Dollar Tree.  I will definitely look for them this weekend.  If I find them, I will purchase quite a bit and just buy me some spray adhesive.  The die-cut mats are a pain in the neck and the vendors are definitely holding us hostage with their increased pricing.

July 10 Note - Before I got my mats in the mail and after my flexible cutting mat was too warped to use, I used a thick piece of 12x12 chipboard to put my paper on and cut out my designs.  I had no idea if it would work, but it did.  I don't see myself doing that long term, but it sure was a big help with my cutting projects while I waited for my mats.


Wooden Baby Girl Name Sign

I found a plain wooden standing sign at Michael's back in 2009 or 2010.  Today I got the idea to make a sign for a little girl in my family.

I painted the base white, added some embellishments, cut out her name in purple vinyl, and learned that coloring with Copic markers on wood is not a good idea for blending, lol.  I also added some foam stickers.


Vinyl Silhouettes (Car Windows, Laptops, Wall)

I am practicing making silhouettes from digital photos.  So far so good.  I have also found a shortcut from the process I was doing when I converted me and my kid's digital photo.  I will be adding more photos in the coming days so you can see my progress.


Click on Obama's silhouette image to get a free svg file to download.  There will be some small pieces, so be careful.

I use Oracal 631 vinyl because it can be removed from the wall without taking the paint off.  I also use this type of vinyl for car window and laptop decals.  It can get wet, but not constantly, if you have the design on your car window.  I've washed my car a few times and my designs are still like new.

Here's some other practice images: