Cricut Sewing Patterns - Idea

I am getting into a sewing mood lately and a thought just crossed my mind (haven't tried it though).

Has anyone tried making fabric purses and boxes using the purse and box die-cuts on the Cricut cartridges?

UPDATE:  I went to Youtube to see if anyone had tried this, and of course I found someone.  I was happy to find it so that I didn't have to test myself just yet.

I was thinking that you would cut out the shape, pen it to your fabric like a pattern, cut it out, then sew where you would normally glue.  I might try this, but not sure if I feel like breaking out my Cricut.  If you try it, show us.

With the sewn boxes I was thinking of adding some chipboard in between two fabric pieces to reinforce each side and the box top.  I have a few ideas, but just wanted to run this by you as a possible new crafty idea to try.

I was even thinking of making a pattern from some of the clothes on the cartrides like Paper Doll Dress Up to make fabric outfits.  Hmmmm, my mind is rambling now!  :-)


Create Line Art From Photo Using Photoshop CS4

I like playing around with photos.  As you know I’ve converted some images to silhouettes for my vinyl wall art, but here is how I change my digital photos to line art (using Photoshop CS4) so I can color them later and add to my projects.  You can take a picture of anything you like and do this for greeting cards.  The ideas are endless.  This guy’s video is very helpful.
Here's an image I converted (my daughter's first time twisting her own hair  :-) ).  I didn't do any editing, but when I get ready to use the photo, I will make some changes based on the project.

Here's a photo of my daughter when she was 6 or 7.  I thought I would try a photo with a busier background just to see how it would look.  I can see some really dark edges on her hair, but not sure how to fix that or why it happened.  I tried changing the radius from 2 to 3, but the photo was not looking too good, so I stayed with a radius of 2.  I am sure there is a way to fix it, but I am not a Photoshop pro by any means.  :-)

Here's one of my favorite photos of Jaden Smith converted to lineart with Photoshop CS4.  I really like the way the background of photos are so clear.

Bookworm Bookmark

Hey there

Designed this bookmark in my Pazzles software.  It has two layers.  The top layer (overlay) is the black pieces you see; the white is the back of the bookmark.  I sewed the two pieces together using my serger and added a chain at the top with a jump ring.  I painted the eyes and nose of my little worm using acrylic paint (I made him too with just a few circles).

I made 4 of these.  I gave one to my daughter, one to her classmate, and 2 to our local library.


YOLO - You Only Live Once Vinyl Wall Art

Here's a vinyl wall art design my daughter wanted on her wall.  The font is called Cartouche (but we took off the borders around the "letters".  The letter/sets are approximately 5" x 11" each.

We created this design using my Pazzles Inspiration software, cut it out on my Pazzles Inspiration machine, and used glossy black vinyl.

This image is also on my other blog at Artsy Vinyl Collections.

Have a  good day! 



African American Bookmarks

All of these bookmarks are being donated to my local library.

Happy Birthday Mr. President!!  (August 4, 2012)