Create Line Art From Photo Using Photoshop CS4

I like playing around with photos.  As you know I’ve converted some images to silhouettes for my vinyl wall art, but here is how I change my digital photos to line art (using Photoshop CS4) so I can color them later and add to my projects.  You can take a picture of anything you like and do this for greeting cards.  The ideas are endless.  This guy’s video is very helpful.
Here's an image I converted (my daughter's first time twisting her own hair  :-) ).  I didn't do any editing, but when I get ready to use the photo, I will make some changes based on the project.

Here's a photo of my daughter when she was 6 or 7.  I thought I would try a photo with a busier background just to see how it would look.  I can see some really dark edges on her hair, but not sure how to fix that or why it happened.  I tried changing the radius from 2 to 3, but the photo was not looking too good, so I stayed with a radius of 2.  I am sure there is a way to fix it, but I am not a Photoshop pro by any means.  :-)

Here's one of my favorite photos of Jaden Smith converted to lineart with Photoshop CS4.  I really like the way the background of photos are so clear.

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