Cricut Sewing Patterns - Idea

I am getting into a sewing mood lately and a thought just crossed my mind (haven't tried it though).

Has anyone tried making fabric purses and boxes using the purse and box die-cuts on the Cricut cartridges?

UPDATE:  I went to Youtube to see if anyone had tried this, and of course I found someone.  I was happy to find it so that I didn't have to test myself just yet.

I was thinking that you would cut out the shape, pen it to your fabric like a pattern, cut it out, then sew where you would normally glue.  I might try this, but not sure if I feel like breaking out my Cricut.  If you try it, show us.

With the sewn boxes I was thinking of adding some chipboard in between two fabric pieces to reinforce each side and the box top.  I have a few ideas, but just wanted to run this by you as a possible new crafty idea to try.

I was even thinking of making a pattern from some of the clothes on the cartrides like Paper Doll Dress Up to make fabric outfits.  Hmmmm, my mind is rambling now!  :-)

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