Die-cut Machines and Quilting

Does anyone use their die-cut machines to make quilting patterns?
I’m not a quilter, but lately I have been quilting some pieces to make small handbags (definitely a work in progress).  I’m not new to sewing, but I’m new to making my own patterns.  Before a couple of weeks ago, I had not sewn much at all for over a year.  I’m finding myself re-learning some things and learning new things too.
Anyway, here’s one of my ideas:  In my Pazzles software I am going to make a design, cut it out on craft paper (or some paper that will take pins well), attach to my fabric, and sew around the design.  I want to do this because in my first quilting attempts I only did boring diagonal lines I drew on with chalk.  That is not going to work for me.  LOL
Anyway, here’s another idea for you sewing Cricuteers:  Cut out a silhouette of your favorite images, attach template to your fabric (with pens or quilting spray), sew the outlines onto your quilted fabric!  If you do this, please let me know.  I would love to see this!

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