Handbag Bloopers

Here are three little purses I made without a pattern.  In the past, I always bought a commercial pattern, but the restrictions on those patterns are a downer for me.

Now with the pattern making thing, there will be lots of bloopers (I should know, lol).  Here are three purses I made and will give to some of my little girl cousins to play with.

These purses are also the first time I've tried to add zippered pockets to the outside of a bag and to the inside lining. It was also my first time quilting fabric. I hadn't even done this with a commercial pattern.  I think I have the idea now.

This first purse is not quilted, but it is lined inside with the same color fabric as the zippered double pocket on the outside of the bag.  I added grosgrain ribbon for the handles.

 I used some Air Force designed fabric I found at Walmart to make this quilted purse.  This is my first quilted purse!  Yayyy!  I actually like this.  I made the pocket too small though.  I was testing out a technique I found online, but my measurements of the pocket fell short.  LOL.  The inside is lined as well, with 4 dividing pockets cut from the Air Force fabric.  I made the handles myself too.  This particular bag does not have a zippered closure on top.  I used a button instead.  I will make this one again, but the pocket on the outside will be bigger.

The taller one looks more like an eye-glass case. The reason I'm not keeping this one for myself is because the opening is too small for my hand to get in there comfortably. This one is pretty thick too.  I added thick interfacing and lined the inside.  The zipper pocket on the outside is another technique I found online. I like this zippered pocket much better than the one on the Air Force fabric purse.


  1. All of these are beautiful.
    Awesome work for not using a pattern.
    I have about 5 purses and totes I want to make.
    I really enjoy altering patterns to suit my needs.
    Again wonderful purses.

  2. Hi Tracy

    Thank you. I will be posting more purses soon. I have an idea in my head, but for some reason I can't seem to make it into a pattern. :-)

  3. Lovely Bags. Very creative too. Thanks for sharing. God bless, Chan

  4. Hi Ms. Chan

    Thank you ma'am. How have ya been?