Digital Scrapbooking

Ok, I have to say this:  I can’t imagine doing digital scrapbooking for my crafting.  Why?  It reminds me of when I do desktop publishing to make brochures, flyers, note cards, sales flyers, etc.  I MUST, during my crafting, be able to touch the paper and embellishments I am using. Ink from a printer just won’t do it for me. Yes, I want glue on my hands.  Yes, I like to glue down my ribbon.  Yes, I like ALL the messy things that come with crafting.

I have seen some really gorgeous digital scrapbook pages and I don’t knock anyone for enjoying this type of crafting, but I PREFER to do the work.  I really like the mess of it all.  I also can’t imagine buying a ton of printer ink. On another note, I am thinking digital scrapbookers probably spend less money than people like me because we like to buy embellishments.  In the digital software you can add 3d looking embellishments it seems (still not real though) :-)

I was looking for some digital software online because I have read about people talking about this software.  After watching the video, I was really impressed and feel that digital scrapbookers would love this!

Anyway, here is a link, just in case you want to take a look at it:

Have fun!

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