Shopping Online (or anywhere)


I have to write about this.  I used to love Amazon.com.  I still shop on the site, but I have to be much more careful these days.  I’ve ordered from Amazon for more than a decade and I'm here to tell you there have been tons of changes - most are not good. Amazon still has great customer service if you order from them and not one of their vendors.


This is only good if you order online a lot.  Think about how you order online and average out how much shipping you think you’ll do in a year.  For me, Prime would not be worth it because I would not be paying $79 a year in shipping on a regular basis because I'm always looking for free shipping (or so it says, but the cost has to fit what I want to pay).

The commercial makes it sound great because they keep emphasizing the word "free".  It's a trial.


I find this to be silly.  If I can't buy a $2 item because I haven't opted to spend $25+, then I'll just purchase it some place else.  Amazon lost a sale (they have lost quite a few sales from me because of this new feature they have added to their website).  I'm sure Amazon get a lot of people to spend more than they have to, but it won't be me.  Oh well, many retailers get away with the "buy this much to get this little" ploy.  It just won't work on me.  If I don't want to spend $50 just to be able to buy an item for $2.00 I just won't do it.  It's just plain silly.

If you don’t care about customer service, then order from China or Hong Kong.  More than likely if you are not satisfied with your items, you will lose because if you want to ship it back you will have to pay for shipping and shipping will more than likely cost more than the item you hate.

Also, the other scam I don’t like is the restocking fee thing (this also happens in the USA).  Why should we have to pay a restocking fee on a defective or unwanted item?  Unfortunately we don’t know about this scam until it’s too late.

I have asked Amazon a number of times to give us the option to choose which country we want to order from, like on eBay.  Even though, on eBay, the vendors can be deceptive.  They state they are in the USA, but they are not.  They state they have multiple locations, but there is no way to know if your particular items will be sent from your country of choice.  I ordered an item and it showed the location was in New Jersey, but when I got the item almost a month later, it was shipped from China.

Also, many times, look forward to the picture not matching what you ordered on Amazon.  This has happened to me twice when ordering from a vendor not in the USA. The vendor will just substitute without a care as if it’s no big deal and make it difficult (not economical) for you to return the item.  I keep a list of vendors I will not order from again.


I’m not sure what this is about, but today I went looking to order more quick dry glue.  I saw some decent prices, but there were a couple of listings that stood out.  One bottle of this glue was almost $20!  One roll of ATG tape was over $10?!  Nuts!  I buy my tape from findtape.com.  With shipping I can get 3 rolls of ATG tape for $10 and that is with shipping.  This is an alternative to ATG tape and it works just as well.

I like to save items in my wishlist on Amazon, but some I have to get rid of quickly.  One instance is a pack of paper I wanted because I couldn't find it locally.  It was a pack of 12x12 cardstock.  I will pay up to $15 for 48 sheets of really nice cardstock, but I will never pay more.  On Amazon I was looking for some DCWV cardstock and the vendor was selling it for almost $27 for 48 sheets!  That's not the worst.  I've seen cardstock that I know is only about $14 for 48 sheets to be sold on Amazon for $70+!


Ebay has always had its problems.  Your risks increase on ebay when you purchase electronics, but I won't go into that right now.  My problem right now is sellers lying about their location.  I purposely try to narrow down the location before I order items on ebay.  Mainly because I don't want to wait a month or more to receive items I order (also customer service is the worst and there are usually no way to see tracking information).   All I want is to be able to choose where I want to order from and not to be tricked.
Before ordering things online, try your best to think about whether or not you can get a better price.  The best thing about shopping online is the fact that you can visit many stores without driving to each place.  I personally like ordering online, but if I can't trust the vendor, I have to stop dealing with them.  Amazon and Ebay have been my fav places to order from for over a decade, but now they have changed for the worst and can barely be trusted.


Car Party Favor (Cash and Treat Box - SVG and WPC)

Here's another car I created.  You can use this car to hold a small gift, cash, and/or treats.

I like lemonheads so I found a lemonhead graphic online and printed it on some 110 lb paper so I could cut out my version of the car party favor.

Video tutorials below.

Find this svg file in my Etsy shop.

Until next time.....  :-)



3D Jeep Small Money Holder Box (WPC, SVG, MTC, and SCUT)

Hey all

Just thought I would show you my prototype for a small jeep money holder or small treat box.  The video tutorials are below.  This svg file is in my etsy shop.

In my version of the jeep, the money compartment is about an inch deep, BUT....you can resize SVG files to fit your mat and paper size.

 Video Tutorials



Camcorder Money Holder and Treat Box (SVG)

Here's my newly created paper camcorder money holder and treat box (or small jewelry).   You can find the SVG file in my Etsy shop.  It's an instant download too.

This is an easy file to assemble.  This would be a cool money holder for a photographer or someone who likes cameras.  The cash can go in the LCD view finder and the jewelry or treat can go inside the camera.  There's a door on the side.

WARNING:  I apologize, but there is some camera shake in some parts of these two videos.



3D Dresser Drawer and 3D Trinket Trunk (WPC and SVG)

I posted this item before, but that was before I learned how to convert my WPC files to SVG.

For my version I painted chipboard with black acrylic paint. Added some gold trimmings with pigment ink and heat embossed.  The metal charms I purchased from bsueboutiques a couple of years ago.  I sealed this up with glossy mod podge.  I LOVE mod podge!  :-)

Here's the trinket trunk too.  It's also on Etsy in SVG format.




Hi folks

I finished the final part of the TARDIS box!  I made videos, but it doesn't have the base included (I forgot about it until I looked at the photo I was using to make the TARDIS).  The base will be assembled like the bottom roof tops, so it will be an easy assembly.

Here's a couple of photos and the tutorial videos.

UPDATE July 6, 2014:  Wow, most of my customers have said they've been using this box solely as a display (like I do).  I have a tea light inside of mine now.  I just had someone tell me they will be using it as a gift box to put in other Dr. items.  Good idea!  :-)

Thanks for visiting.  :-)  You can find this file in my etsy shop.



Violin Gift Bag - Style 2 (SVG and WPC files)

Hi there

Here's another style (Style 2) of a Violin gift bag I created in my Pazzles software.  This file is available in both SVG and WPC.  Available on Etsy.

Style 2 - Violin Gift Bag

Thanks for stopping by.  :-)



SVG File - Violin Gift Bag/Box

I am so excited!  I finally put myself in the world of SVGs.

Here's one of the files I finished converting to SVG today.

Here's the video tutorial.  Why is it that when you're making a video your voice wants to do crazy things?  :-)


Find it at Etsy.

My files are all going to be in WPC and SVG format soon.  If you want a file that is in WPC format but not in SVG, just let me know and I will convert it if I haven't done so already.



Introducing My First Guest Designer

Hi everybody

I have my first guest designer!! I am so excited!

Pam, thank you so much for presenting my first SVG file and thank you for the tips you gave me.

Pam's Youtube Video for Alarm Clock SVG


Violin Gift Bags (and box) - WPC File

Hey there

Here are a couple of gift bag prototypes I'm working on.  The brown violin has an inside box (or semi-box) with a violin front and back attached.  The blue version of the violin is a 3D version (at least in my mind it's 3D  :-)  ).

I think I'm going to make the bag taller on the brown bag and make the sides taller on the blue one, but not sure yet.  What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by.


November 15, 2013:

Here is an attempt to make the violin 3d Gift bag/box using chipboard.  I like the sturdiness of it, but it sure is difficult to glue.  I need a wet glue that dries fast and holds well with chipboard!


Guitar Purse Gift Bag - SVG File

Hey all

Here's a guitar purse gift bag that I created in my Pazzles software.  I'm proud of this bag because I've been successful in making rounded things instead of square edges.

Thanks for stopping by.  Video tutorial below:



3D Vintage Alarm Clock - Original - SVG File

Here's the original wpc file for the 3D vintage alarm clock (inspired by the Tim Holtz metal alarm clock).

This file has one long mid section to attach the front and back of the alarm clock.  The chipboard file has two mid-section pieces.

Watch the videos below to see how I assembled this version of the file.

Visit my etsy shop to download this file.

Thanks for stopping by.  :-)


3D Vintage Alarm Clock Photo Frame or Christmas Ornament - SVG Cut File

Here's my version of a vintage alarm clock (inspired by Tim Holtz's alarm clock).

I created 2 versions of this file.  One is solely for chipboard, which in my case is 8.5" x 10.25" and I have another version for paper/cardstock that is 12"x12".  The reason I did that was because the mid section that is adhered to the front and back is longer than my chipboard so I had to make two pieces.  The other version has one whole piece for the mid section.  If you have chipboard that is 12"x12" I recommend using the original wpc file, not the chipboard version.  If you order the wpc cut file, please order the correct one for your paper size.  Oh, the chipboard version will have two seams - one at the top and one at the bottom.

Here is what I've done with the chipboard version.  Can you tell where the seam is located?

I painted the chipboard with acrylic paint and sealed it with mod podge (one of my most favorite supplies).  I used one of my Christmas stamps to stamp onto the surface.  I used white acrylic paint instead of ink.

You can use this box for a photo frame, candy container, or a Christmas ornament (I'm sure you'll have even more ideas).  I have a template in both files so you can cut out some acetate to fit on the inside front of the box.  I forgot to add the acetate in mine (aaarrrggghhh).

Thanks for stopping by.

The wpc cut file is sold in my etsy shop.



Set of 4 Customized Animal Envelopes - Pazzles WPC and SVG File (Cat, Horse, Squirrel, Elephant)

Hello all

Here are some customized envelopes I added to my etsy shop. I created these customized envelopes in my Pazzles software.

If you have any customized envelope requests, don't hesitate to ask.

These envelopes can store cards that are approx. 4.25" x 5.5".



Nutcracker Paper Piecing (WPC and SVG Files)

Hi all

I just finished creating one of my favorite Christmas objects - a nutcracker.  My first attempt is a paper piecing that’s a little bigger than 3” x 9”.  I created this paper piecing file in my Pazzles software.  It took me hours, but it was well worth it!  This file has a solid base with dotted guide lines to show you where to place each piece.

This paper piecing would look great on the front of a Christmas photo album, mini album, large greeting card, decorative box, hung on a Christmas tree, or placed in front or inside of a shadow box.

Where would you place it in your Christmas projects?

This nutcracker paper piecing file is located in my etsy shop.


I can't buy stamps with sentiments on them!

Call me crazy, but I can’t buy stamps with sentiments on them.  I remember when I started crafting in 2009-2010 after a very long hiatus.  I bought a Merry Christmas and a Thank you stamp.  I felt awkward buying the stamps, but wasn’t sure why at that moment.  I soon realized I was wasting money since I could have printed the sentiment out and adhered it to whatever I wanted it on or handwritten it.  I have not bought a sentiment stamp since then because I find ways to incorporate it nicely onto my project or I use my Pazzles die-cut machine to write the sentiment onto my paper.

I can understand why some people buy the sentiment stamps.  Some people say they buy the stamps because their own handwriting is not good, the stamping is quicker, the font is nice, etc.  I’m just cheap.  I can’t buy the sentiment stamps at all.  I have lots of fonts on my PC and I have access to sites with gorgeous fonts for me to download.

I have purchased other types of stamps locally, but they were on sale (can you say dollar bin?).  The stamps I have the most of are The Greeting Farm Stamps.  I love The Greeting Farm Stamps! I must admit though that any stamp I purchase MUST be on sale, I must think I will use it multiple times, and it must be at a price I think is decent.  I also prefer rubber stamps as opposed to the acrylic ones.

Why do you purchase sentiment stamps?  Why do you NOT purchase sentiment stamps?  I bet you’re not alone.



Add Image Keywords in the Pazzles Pro 2010 Image Gallery

Thought I would post a short video tutorial on how to add keywords to an image you create to the Pazzles Pro 2010 Image Gallery.  I like this feature so that I can search for what I want instead of roaming all over the gallery.

Hope this was helpful.  If you have any questions, just contact me.



WPC and SVG File Ideas - Do you have any ideas?

Hey everybody

I have a list of 3D objects I want to create with my Pazzles software, but I was wondering if you all can give me some ideas (nothing with anatomy :-)  ).

If you have any ideas on what I can "try" to create, leave a comment below.  If I manage to make a 3D WPC or SVG file based on your idea, I will make a post linking to your blog stating that you were the inspiration behind the creation.  If I have a file like your idea already, I will post a link to where I have the post about that file already.

Ok, so let me know, I'll be waiting.  :-)


3D Payphone

Here is the beginning construction- the part I call "the fitting".  I used ATG tape to temporarily hold pieces together so I can see what needs to be modified.  This particular version of the old payphone can be hung on the wall because I added holes in the back in the Pazzles wpc file.  I was going to try to make the ear part 3D, but decided to just let it be flat (I may make a Pazzles wpc file of just a 3D version of the ear piece once I can "see" it in my head).  The cord piece will be shown in my final version.

Here’s a photo of the finished old payphone in black.

I decided to make the first old payphone plain - black, white, and silver.  When I do this again, I'll bling it out or at least give it its own personality (depends on who I make one for). 

The photo doesn’t show it clearly, but I sealed in the acrylic paint with glossy mod podge.  I really love the finished product!

Here's a smaller red version (Nov 6, 2014):

Here are some videos showing how I assembled this project:

Take a look at my telephone booth here.



Vintage Phone Booth aka telephone box (Prototype) - WPC and SVG

Finally, I created my pazzles .wpc file for a vintage phone booth aka telephone box.  Here’s my first prototype for the phone booth aka telephone box:

I can see many uses for this vintage phone booth.  My first thought was to put a tea light inside and sit it on a table as a center piece (or use as a night light in a kid’s room).  Another thought was to store some colorful washcloths inside as a decorative piece in my bathroom.  I even thought of coating the inside with some mod podge and putting our toothbrush holder inside to keep them covered.  The mod podge would be good for water spills.

I’ve made more changes to this file because after cutting it out I found that some things were a hassle to deal with (the design on the base is gone).  Making double cuts and gluing them together will make the pay phone stronger if you want slightly heavier objects inside of it.

At the time, I didn't have red paint so I tried to make white paint look distressed/vintage.  Most of the distress of the paint were happy accidents.  I used gold pigment ink to add more of an old world look.

Visit my etsy shop to download the svg file (wpc file can be purchased upon request).

Check out the 3D Old Pay Phone file!

Here are the 5 instructional videos showing how to assemble the vintage phone booth:

Enjoy!  :-)



Truck Party Favor

Hey everyone

I posted this little truck party favor a while back, but I incorporated it into another post.  I thought I would repost it alone because I think it's really cute.

It may look like a tedious little box to put together, but the only tedious part was creating it in my Pazzles software.  Assembly is a breeze.

This particular truck party favor can be for a male of any age (or anyone who likes trucks).  You can put candy or any other lightweight gift inside to give to your guests.  Never mind the website on the photo - it was my old blog address.

This file is now in my Etsy shop.

I used rhinestuds in my assembly.  I also used sliver pigment ink and embossing powder for my silver trim and tires.

I'm happy I have this file because it has become my go-to file to give candy to my friends' male children.  It tickles me when I see them trying to "drive" it because the wheels don't move.  :-)  I think I'm going to try to make a car party favor for a female too.  Gotta think about that one.

Until next time....Have a great day.  :-)


Bad Ebay Seller - Danke-Fly (Bad Acrylic Nail File)

Guess we all have to go through this when ordering online - dealing with bad sellers.

I will start off by saying this vendor (Danke_fly) have a 14 day return policy and I was past that time frame when the item showed its defect.  All I wanted from the seller was a replacement plug - one that I was not expected to buy.  I received the item on Jun 7 and the prong detached on June 29.

UPDATE:  July 20, 2013:  Ok, so the mechanic in me could not resist trying to fix the stupid nail drill.  I heard something rattling inside of it and thought it was a screw.  I kept shaking it and indeed a tiny screw fell out.  I took the nail drill apart and was able to screw the speed control thingy back in.  The nail drill is working again, but now the silver part (the part that holds the mandrel) won't stay screwed in when I put the drill speed up high.  I need a better nail drill - one with a higher RPM.  I am looking at 25K+ RPM.

UPDATE July 18, 2013: The speed control came loose on this drill today. I had no choice but to throw it away! I just received the adapter I bought from tmart.com and now I can't even use the drill. I DO NOT recommend this drill to anyone; not even beginners.

UPDATE July 12, 2013:  Take a look at their feedback as a seller.  They have duplicate feedback, which is probably making them seem better than they are.  I think this is ebay's fault.

Keep in mind this is a nail drill for personal use, which in my case was not used everyday.  Unfortunately, the drill did not reveal it's dangerous flaw until it was too late for me to return it (BTW, if you return a defective item to danke-fly, they want you to pay the shipping).

I may have used this nail drill 3 or 4 times, but I only unplugged it twice (to move to another room).  The last time I unplugged it the prong decided to pull away from the adapter and stay in the outlet.  That is dangerous!  I have had many electronics in my lifetime and this is the first time a prong came out of an adapter!

The real reason I am writing this post is to show you how bad danke-fly's customer service is.  They are insulting too.

They are pretty much telling me "so what, you broke it" and have accused me of "using force" to unplug the thing.  The worst part of all is that I gave them a good feedback.  I wish I could edit it (I wonder how many others wish they could edit too). I have learned to not give any feedback until after 30 days of me having the item.

Can you believe they made the suggestion for me to order an adapter from them?  Real nerves there.  I will never again order from them.  They are the worst ebay seller in my opinion, at least in my experience.

I DO NOT recommend this drill to anyone.


The Old Youtube

I wish I could have the old youtube back - the one without all the commercials and ads.  The advertisements are so dang annoying I could scream.

I am sure some people are making money from the ads, which is why I know the ads will never go away and youtube will never be the same.  Sigh.

Now I can go and be patient while trying to watch a tv show - the commercials have tripled on those too.

We live in a place where advertising has taken over our lives.  So sad.