Saving Custom Pazzles Files to your Pazzles Image Gallery

I was in the Pazzles forum yesterday and noticed that someone wanted to add their custom .wpc files to the image gallery.  I have saved some of my custom files to the image gallery, but I mostly keep my files on a SD card.  I haven't determined quite yet if saving my files to the Image gallery is worth the time it will take (you can only add one file at a time, and I have a LOT of files already), but if you want to save your files to the gallery, I have a video for you to view.  One tip:  Start saving the files to the gallery after each creation so you don't have a huge amount to later go back and save one by one.

Let me know what you think and if you want me to make any other videos for you.



French Fry Box (wpc pazzles file)

I love french fries, but never once thought about decorating the boxes.  I was on the Pazzles forum and one of the members was looking for a french fry box.  I then set out to see if I could find a template. I found one similiar to the one on this blog and thought I would alter the design to fit my tastes (and anyone else who wanted to use these boxes as treat boxes).  If you google decorated french fry boxes, you will see some really nice designs. Try youtube as well.

The french fry box on the left is the design I found.  The french fry box on the right is my attempt at altering the look a bit.

I thought I would do something simple and add some rhinestuds too.  If you do use dark paper like I did, you might want to use some fluid chalk to cover up those white perforated edges.


Elephant Envelope

One of my SOC sisters gave me an idea to make an envelope with an elephant on the flap.  Here is my version:

This envelope was designed to hold a 4.25" x 5.5" greeting card.

Visit my etsy shop.  This envelope is now in a collection of 4 animal envelopes.


Valentines's Day Cupcake Holders (.wpc file)

I just added a new collection of cupcake wrappers/holders.  These are my Valentine's Day collection for 2013.  I don't assemble these just yet to mail out, but if you have a way to open and use a .wpc file, you can purchase this file.

The file includes 3 designs and 2 types.  One type you have to glue or use double-sided tape (like the ones below).  The other type has flaps you can insert into slots for a quick assembly (great for bakeries).

Front View

Back View of the Blue Cupcake Holder

If I remember correctly, a 2"-3" cupcake fits in this holder.

Customized Envelopes (Horse, Cat, Squirrel)

I’m working on a collection of customized envelopes.  The envelopes below were designed for greeting cards that are 4.25” x 5.5”.  You can also use these envelopes for mini album pages.  All of the files are see-thru, even the cat file.  In the cat file photo I am showing how it looks if you add paper behind the flaps.

If you have a request for a customized envelope (Pazzles .wpc file), let me know. If you purchase the .wpc file itself, you can use any paper you like.  This file is $3 USD.

This is not an instant download.
Once I receive your payment, I will email the .wpc file to the email address associated with your PayPal account.


Basic Sewing Classes in Clayton County, Georgia

Do you want to learn how to sew basic items?  Do you want to learn how to cut out commercial patterns?  Want to know what the symbols on the patterns mean?  Want to learn how to thread your specific machine?  I can teach you the basics and before you know it, you will be taking on more challenging sewing projects all on your own because sewing is really easy once you know the basics.

Contact me for private lessons. Lessons start at $15 an hour.

Die-Cut File Request (But don't share the photo or link?)

I have to get some opinions on this.  This has been bothering me for some time, but I haven’t been too sure on how to ask so I will just…..ask.

How do you handle it when people ask for a cut file (die-cut) and they say they will show you how they used the die-cut, but you never hear from them again?  This has been happening to me since I bought my Pazzles machine almost 2 yrs ago.   Actually, this is the reason I took down all of my free wpc files because no one would provide a link or photo to how they used the files.  I guess this is just a pet peeve of mine.

It just seems weird because when they ask for someone to make the cut file they seem like they “desperately need the file” for a project that needed to be done in a short time frame (which in turn makes me take time out and get the file done for them in short order).

I keep telling myself not to do free files anymore for anyone (unless I add them myself in my time frame), but I guess my personality won’t let me stop  J.

Is it too much to expect that people will provide you with a photo or a link to the project so you can put it on your blog?  Am I being selfish for wanting to show how I helped them with their project(s)?

Vintage Bike Die-Cut (Pazzles)

I really like vintage items (things that look Steampunk).  Here's a vintage bike I found online and converted it to a die-cut using my Pazzles software.  This will be great for a chipboard cut out to add to a mini album or greeting card.