Die-Cut File Request (But don't share the photo or link?)

I have to get some opinions on this.  This has been bothering me for some time, but I haven’t been too sure on how to ask so I will just…..ask.

How do you handle it when people ask for a cut file (die-cut) and they say they will show you how they used the die-cut, but you never hear from them again?  This has been happening to me since I bought my Pazzles machine almost 2 yrs ago.   Actually, this is the reason I took down all of my free wpc files because no one would provide a link or photo to how they used the files.  I guess this is just a pet peeve of mine.

It just seems weird because when they ask for someone to make the cut file they seem like they “desperately need the file” for a project that needed to be done in a short time frame (which in turn makes me take time out and get the file done for them in short order).

I keep telling myself not to do free files anymore for anyone (unless I add them myself in my time frame), but I guess my personality won’t let me stop  J.

Is it too much to expect that people will provide you with a photo or a link to the project so you can put it on your blog?  Am I being selfish for wanting to show how I helped them with their project(s)?


  1. That is crazy, I try to always give credit where credit is do but we do have people in the world that are takers. I am thanking for people like you sharing your talent. (I don't have a pazzel but your work is great) I don't think you are wrong I wouldn't share either since you have been burnt.

  2. Hi Felisa

    I was really hesitant to write this post, but my thoughts on this have been nagging me for almost 2 yrs. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. If you have any questions or need help with the Pazzle software, I might be able to help you out. I have the Pro 2010 version with the updates.