French Fry Box (wpc pazzles file)

I love french fries, but never once thought about decorating the boxes.  I was on the Pazzles forum and one of the members was looking for a french fry box.  I then set out to see if I could find a template. I found one similiar to the one on this blog and thought I would alter the design to fit my tastes (and anyone else who wanted to use these boxes as treat boxes).  If you google decorated french fry boxes, you will see some really nice designs. Try youtube as well.

The french fry box on the left is the design I found.  The french fry box on the right is my attempt at altering the look a bit.

I thought I would do something simple and add some rhinestuds too.  If you do use dark paper like I did, you might want to use some fluid chalk to cover up those white perforated edges.