New Rhinestone Letters and other images

Hey folks

I made a rhinestone alphabet set using a font provided by one of the ladies in the Pazzles craftroom.  The name of this font is JF Lavenderia if you are a Pazzles craft member.

I decided to make a rhinestone font alphabet set because I will be able to make some templates now that I can cut out real circles for my rhinestones on my Pazzles Inspiration machine.  I will update this post and show you some things I've done with these rhinestone letters.

So far, and I've only measured one or two letters for this particular set - the capital letter I measured was 4.285" x 3.976".  The small letter I measured is 1.429" x 1.789".  I did not measure all the letters so they may or may not be the same size, but they look close enough.

Rhinestone Exclamation Points

Rhinestone Sea Horse


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