Wondershare Video Editor - Don't Buy It!!!

WARNING:  Do not buy software from Wondershare unless you want to waste money.  I bought Wondershare because I use .mpg files.  A little while after I bought the software, there was an update that was recommended. I updated and that is where I was ripped off  -  I could no longer import .mpg files into the Video Editor, but they do support .mpeg files, which I have no need for at this time!

I contacted customer support and they gave me the run a round.  They told me to upload a file I was having trouble with, which was all of my mpg files.  I uploaded the file.  A day or so later, they asked me to upload the file again, and then again until I stopped.  I contacted them again only for them to tell me “there was no solution”!  They offered for me to download the “old version” and/or buy their Video Converter!!  I went to look on their website and found, too late, that others were also having issues with Wondershare.  These customers were also getting the run a round.  So, this is why I am writing this - so that you don’t make the same mistake we made, trusting that this company would do as they advertise.  "Weave amazing movies with any format video, audio, & photos" is a lie.  In my case, I was able to use my mpg files, but then they did an update and took it away almost as soon as I purchased the software.  Others have issues with different file formats.  Basically, it seems they can only handle a few video files, but not many popular ones, but according to their advertising, they can handle "any" video format.

They are liars and this is your warning.
Even though they know they don't support many file formats, they are still advertising that they can support ANY format of videos.


Steampunk Blue Denim Canvas Wall Hanging

I had never used canvas panels before.  I am not even sure of the official name of it, but I decided to create a little something using the image transfer technique (the base of the artwork).  I think it turned out pretty good.

All I have to do now is figure how to hang it up since it is thinner than what I am accustomed to working on.  Some people say I should use whatever people use to hang plates, so I will do more research on that idea.  Another idea I have is to put it in a frame similar to a shadow box.

Lots of real metal watch parts on this piece.  I glued them on one by one! I'm calling this piece Steampunk Blue Denim since the paper I used reminds me of denim.

Here’s a couple of views for you.  Hope you like it.

Materials Used:
Scrapbook Paper Die-Cuts
Glossy Mod Podge
Metal Watch Parts
Chipboard Die-Cuts
Embossing Powder
Metal Clock
Journey Stamp
Gold Pigment Ink (edges of the canvas mostly)


8 Mod Podge Formulas

Hello all

I'm a Mod Podge girl and I am thinking that since you are here reading this, you like Mod Podge too.

I don't have any pictures, but I thought I would list the 8 Mod Podge formulas for you so that you can take a look at all their goodness.

For those of you who don't know, Mod Podge is a glue, sealer, and finisher.  It's great stuff!

Gloss - leaves a shiny surface
Matte - leave a dull surface - no shine
Satin - smooth finish (between gloss and matte)
Sparkle - glittery
Paper - attach paper to paper
Hard Coat - leaves a look of glass (I am not sure, but I think it may be like glossy accents)
Outdoor - cover plant pots, outdoor signs, and other outdoor projects
Brush Stroke - leaves prominent brush strokes for an old style look

I have only used Gloss and Matte.  I use gloss the most; it's my favorite.  My plan is to buy a small container of all of them to try them out.

Good luck with your mod podging.  :-)



Pens that fit the Pazzles Inspiration Pen Tool

Many new Pazzles Inspiration (PI) users want to know which pens and markers fit inside their pen tool.  One thing you can count on is the fact that once you find the pens that fit, you will start to be able to “just see” which ones will fit and not fit the pen tool.

Below are two ball point pens I bought today from Walmart.  These are my first ball point pens to fit in my pen tool.  My other pens are gel writers and markers.

I don’t buy ball point pens often, but when I do, I will list them here (along with some other pens that fit).

Zebra 301A Ball Point Pen 0.7mm Fine Black Ink (Metal Barrel)

Bic Atlantis Ball Pen Fashion Colors 1.0 mm

Micron of Any kind

Take Care


Tech News Tip: Exclude certain channels or terms from your YouTube Search

Have you ever wanted to exclude some YouTube channels or specific terms from your search on YouTube?

In the search box I want to search for “how to sew a button”, but I keep getting this particular channel I don’t care for or I am getting videos that don’t really pertain to my search - like crochet buttons.  So, for instance, I don’t care for expertvillage videos because they are too short and out of order and I do not want to see anything about crochet buttons.  This is how I type my search without the quotes:  “how to sew a button  -expertvillage -crochet” (make sure the - is in front of each term).  This way I don’t get any of expertvillage videos or any videos about crochet buttons.  You can do this for any channel or search term.

By the way, this type of search is called a Boolean search.  It helps to narrow down searches so that you don’t have so many listings you don’t want to see.  This is considered an advanced search.

Have fun and I hope this helps ya.



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Rhinestuds on Denim Jacket (Mickey Head)

For the first time I ironed on hotfix rhinestuds the same way I iron on hotfix rhinestones - all at once.

Usually, I put rhinestuds on paper, individually, with an imaginesce hotfix tool, but this time I decided to brush them into a rhinestone template so I could apply them all at once.  Worked out so well (it's a good thing since I ordered thousands from Ali Express).

I found a silhouette of Mickey's head and made myself a rhinestone template.  It was fast and easy to get this done.  I was finished in less than 10 minutes.