Pens that fit the Pazzles Inspiration Pen Tool

Many new Pazzles Inspiration (PI) users want to know which pens and markers fit inside their pen tool.  One thing you can count on is the fact that once you find the pens that fit, you will start to be able to “just see” which ones will fit and not fit the pen tool.

Below are two ball point pens I bought today from Walmart.  These are my first ball point pens to fit in my pen tool.  My other pens are gel writers and markers.

I don’t buy ball point pens often, but when I do, I will list them here (along with some other pens that fit).

Zebra 301A Ball Point Pen 0.7mm Fine Black Ink (Metal Barrel)

Bic Atlantis Ball Pen Fashion Colors 1.0 mm

Micron of Any kind

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  1. Great post - thanks so much :) Very Helpful

    1. Hi Jennifer

      You're welcome. Thanks for stopping by.

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    1. Hi Robin
      Thank you and thank you for commenting on the post. I'm happy I could help. :-)