Tech News Tip: Exclude certain channels or terms from your YouTube Search

Have you ever wanted to exclude some YouTube channels or specific terms from your search on YouTube?

In the search box I want to search for “how to sew a button”, but I keep getting this particular channel I don’t care for or I am getting videos that don’t really pertain to my search - like crochet buttons.  So, for instance, I don’t care for expertvillage videos because they are too short and out of order and I do not want to see anything about crochet buttons.  This is how I type my search without the quotes:  “how to sew a button  -expertvillage -crochet” (make sure the - is in front of each term).  This way I don’t get any of expertvillage videos or any videos about crochet buttons.  You can do this for any channel or search term.

By the way, this type of search is called a Boolean search.  It helps to narrow down searches so that you don’t have so many listings you don’t want to see.  This is considered an advanced search.

Have fun and I hope this helps ya.



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  1. Replies
    1. I wrote this four years ago. I'll check it out to see how it works. Thanks for letting me know.

    2. ok, I just tried this again. It does indeed still work. I did notice though that I had to hit the magnifying glass again for it to take affect.