Wondershare Video Editor - Don't Buy It!!!

WARNING:  Do not buy software from Wondershare unless you want to waste money.  I bought Wondershare because I use .mpg files.  A little while after I bought the software, there was an update that was recommended. I updated and that is where I was ripped off  -  I could no longer import .mpg files into the Video Editor, but they do support .mpeg files, which I have no need for at this time!

I contacted customer support and they gave me the run a round.  They told me to upload a file I was having trouble with, which was all of my mpg files.  I uploaded the file.  A day or so later, they asked me to upload the file again, and then again until I stopped.  I contacted them again only for them to tell me “there was no solution”!  They offered for me to download the “old version” and/or buy their Video Converter!!  I went to look on their website and found, too late, that others were also having issues with Wondershare.  These customers were also getting the run a round.  So, this is why I am writing this - so that you don’t make the same mistake we made, trusting that this company would do as they advertise.  "Weave amazing movies with any format video, audio, & photos" is a lie.  In my case, I was able to use my mpg files, but then they did an update and took it away almost as soon as I purchased the software.  Others have issues with different file formats.  Basically, it seems they can only handle a few video files, but not many popular ones, but according to their advertising, they can handle "any" video format.

They are liars and this is your warning.
Even though they know they don't support many file formats, they are still advertising that they can support ANY format of videos.

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