Cutting Grunge Board with the Pazzles Inspiration Die-Cutter

I opted to try the Pazzles Inspiration (PI) die-cut machine because it stated the machine could cut material that was up to 2mm thick.  I was disappointed to find out I could not cut thick chipboard that was not 2mm thick, but thicker than .022.  My goal was to make miniature chipboard furniture that was sturdy.  Anyway, that didn't work out for me.  The main reason I can't cut the thick chipboard is because my machine would not do multiple passes successfully.  The chipboard would shift, knocking off the alignment (I used masking tape to hold it down, but it didn't help me).

I gave up.

Today, almost 2 years later, I decided to try to cut grunge board.  To my surprise, I was able to successfully cut it with the PI using multiple passes!  I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  I am going to assume I was successful with the grunge board because it is more flexible than chipboard, but I am not sure why there was no misalignment with the machine for the grungeboard, but not with the thick chipboard.

The edges are raggedy, but that is probably because I used the blade I use for my .022 chipboard.

Ok, I was curious about the thick chipboard cutting on my PI and tried again.  I used duct tape this time to hold it down onto the mat hoping the chipboard would not shift.  Well, the chipboard did not shift - it was the mat itself with the rollers on!!!

I then tried to cut the thick chipboard after taking the rollers off.  It almost worked (I need a better blade, I think, because using the acrylic setting and cutting using blade lengths of 4, 5, 6, did not completely go through on all sides of the image I used above).

When I buy new blades next month, I will use the blades I use for regular paper to try this again and not my old blades I normally use for chipboard.

I won't get my hopes up too high for this because I know the cutting of thick chipboard and multiple passes on this machine is unpredictable.


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