The Old Youtube

I wish I could have the old youtube back - the one without all the commercials and ads.  The advertisements are so dang annoying I could scream.

I am sure some people are making money from the ads, which is why I know the ads will never go away and youtube will never be the same.  Sigh.

Now I can go and be patient while trying to watch a tv show - the commercials have tripled on those too.

We live in a place where advertising has taken over our lives.  So sad.


I'm not a scholar but, site and sight are not the same thing

I'm not trying to be a scholar or anything, but sight and site is not the same thing!  When talking about a web page or “website”, you spell it “site”.  I know you can “see” the “sight” of the site, but they are not the same.  lol.  I just had to mention it because I see the reference to websites misspelled quite a bit.

I know some words are really nutty to spell.  I have to think twice when to use there, they're, and their.  lol  Site and sight are like that too for many people.  Pin and pen are the other words that get a bad deal too.