Bad Ebay Seller - Danke-Fly (Bad Acrylic Nail File)

Guess we all have to go through this when ordering online - dealing with bad sellers.

I will start off by saying this vendor (Danke_fly) have a 14 day return policy and I was past that time frame when the item showed its defect.  All I wanted from the seller was a replacement plug - one that I was not expected to buy.  I received the item on Jun 7 and the prong detached on June 29.

UPDATE:  July 20, 2013:  Ok, so the mechanic in me could not resist trying to fix the stupid nail drill.  I heard something rattling inside of it and thought it was a screw.  I kept shaking it and indeed a tiny screw fell out.  I took the nail drill apart and was able to screw the speed control thingy back in.  The nail drill is working again, but now the silver part (the part that holds the mandrel) won't stay screwed in when I put the drill speed up high.  I need a better nail drill - one with a higher RPM.  I am looking at 25K+ RPM.

UPDATE July 18, 2013: The speed control came loose on this drill today. I had no choice but to throw it away! I just received the adapter I bought from tmart.com and now I can't even use the drill. I DO NOT recommend this drill to anyone; not even beginners.

UPDATE July 12, 2013:  Take a look at their feedback as a seller.  They have duplicate feedback, which is probably making them seem better than they are.  I think this is ebay's fault.

Keep in mind this is a nail drill for personal use, which in my case was not used everyday.  Unfortunately, the drill did not reveal it's dangerous flaw until it was too late for me to return it (BTW, if you return a defective item to danke-fly, they want you to pay the shipping).

I may have used this nail drill 3 or 4 times, but I only unplugged it twice (to move to another room).  The last time I unplugged it the prong decided to pull away from the adapter and stay in the outlet.  That is dangerous!  I have had many electronics in my lifetime and this is the first time a prong came out of an adapter!

The real reason I am writing this post is to show you how bad danke-fly's customer service is.  They are insulting too.

They are pretty much telling me "so what, you broke it" and have accused me of "using force" to unplug the thing.  The worst part of all is that I gave them a good feedback.  I wish I could edit it (I wonder how many others wish they could edit too). I have learned to not give any feedback until after 30 days of me having the item.

Can you believe they made the suggestion for me to order an adapter from them?  Real nerves there.  I will never again order from them.  They are the worst ebay seller in my opinion, at least in my experience.

I DO NOT recommend this drill to anyone.


  1. Thank you for sharing, helps others to be Aware!

  2. You're welcome. I was hoping this post would help others. This experience also taught me to look up an ebay seller's name on google before I purchase from them.