Vintage Phone Booth aka telephone box (Prototype) - WPC and SVG

Finally, I created my pazzles .wpc file for a vintage phone booth aka telephone box.  Here’s my first prototype for the phone booth aka telephone box:

I can see many uses for this vintage phone booth.  My first thought was to put a tea light inside and sit it on a table as a center piece (or use as a night light in a kid’s room).  Another thought was to store some colorful washcloths inside as a decorative piece in my bathroom.  I even thought of coating the inside with some mod podge and putting our toothbrush holder inside to keep them covered.  The mod podge would be good for water spills.

I’ve made more changes to this file because after cutting it out I found that some things were a hassle to deal with (the design on the base is gone).  Making double cuts and gluing them together will make the pay phone stronger if you want slightly heavier objects inside of it.

At the time, I didn't have red paint so I tried to make white paint look distressed/vintage.  Most of the distress of the paint were happy accidents.  I used gold pigment ink to add more of an old world look.

Visit my etsy shop to download the svg file (wpc file can be purchased upon request).

Check out the 3D Old Pay Phone file!

Here are the 5 instructional videos showing how to assemble the vintage phone booth:

Enjoy!  :-)



Truck Party Favor

Hey everyone

I posted this little truck party favor a while back, but I incorporated it into another post.  I thought I would repost it alone because I think it's really cute.

It may look like a tedious little box to put together, but the only tedious part was creating it in my Pazzles software.  Assembly is a breeze.

This particular truck party favor can be for a male of any age (or anyone who likes trucks).  You can put candy or any other lightweight gift inside to give to your guests.  Never mind the website on the photo - it was my old blog address.

This file is now in my Etsy shop.

I used rhinestuds in my assembly.  I also used sliver pigment ink and embossing powder for my silver trim and tires.

I'm happy I have this file because it has become my go-to file to give candy to my friends' male children.  It tickles me when I see them trying to "drive" it because the wheels don't move.  :-)  I think I'm going to try to make a car party favor for a female too.  Gotta think about that one.

Until next time....Have a great day.  :-)