Set of 4 Customized Animal Envelopes - Pazzles WPC and SVG File (Cat, Horse, Squirrel, Elephant)

Hello all

Here are some customized envelopes I added to my etsy shop. I created these customized envelopes in my Pazzles software.

If you have any customized envelope requests, don't hesitate to ask.

These envelopes can store cards that are approx. 4.25" x 5.5".



Nutcracker Paper Piecing (WPC and SVG Files)

Hi all

I just finished creating one of my favorite Christmas objects - a nutcracker.  My first attempt is a paper piecing that’s a little bigger than 3” x 9”.  I created this paper piecing file in my Pazzles software.  It took me hours, but it was well worth it!  This file has a solid base with dotted guide lines to show you where to place each piece.

This paper piecing would look great on the front of a Christmas photo album, mini album, large greeting card, decorative box, hung on a Christmas tree, or placed in front or inside of a shadow box.

Where would you place it in your Christmas projects?

This nutcracker paper piecing file is located in my etsy shop.


I can't buy stamps with sentiments on them!

Call me crazy, but I can’t buy stamps with sentiments on them.  I remember when I started crafting in 2009-2010 after a very long hiatus.  I bought a Merry Christmas and a Thank you stamp.  I felt awkward buying the stamps, but wasn’t sure why at that moment.  I soon realized I was wasting money since I could have printed the sentiment out and adhered it to whatever I wanted it on or handwritten it.  I have not bought a sentiment stamp since then because I find ways to incorporate it nicely onto my project or I use my Pazzles die-cut machine to write the sentiment onto my paper.

I can understand why some people buy the sentiment stamps.  Some people say they buy the stamps because their own handwriting is not good, the stamping is quicker, the font is nice, etc.  I’m just cheap.  I can’t buy the sentiment stamps at all.  I have lots of fonts on my PC and I have access to sites with gorgeous fonts for me to download.

I have purchased other types of stamps locally, but they were on sale (can you say dollar bin?).  The stamps I have the most of are The Greeting Farm Stamps.  I love The Greeting Farm Stamps! I must admit though that any stamp I purchase MUST be on sale, I must think I will use it multiple times, and it must be at a price I think is decent.  I also prefer rubber stamps as opposed to the acrylic ones.

Why do you purchase sentiment stamps?  Why do you NOT purchase sentiment stamps?  I bet you’re not alone.



Add Image Keywords in the Pazzles Pro 2010 Image Gallery

Thought I would post a short video tutorial on how to add keywords to an image you create to the Pazzles Pro 2010 Image Gallery.  I like this feature so that I can search for what I want instead of roaming all over the gallery.

Hope this was helpful.  If you have any questions, just contact me.



WPC and SVG File Ideas - Do you have any ideas?

Hey everybody

I have a list of 3D objects I want to create with my Pazzles software, but I was wondering if you all can give me some ideas (nothing with anatomy :-)  ).

If you have any ideas on what I can "try" to create, leave a comment below.  If I manage to make a 3D WPC or SVG file based on your idea, I will make a post linking to your blog stating that you were the inspiration behind the creation.  If I have a file like your idea already, I will post a link to where I have the post about that file already.

Ok, so let me know, I'll be waiting.  :-)


3D Payphone

Here is the beginning construction- the part I call "the fitting".  I used ATG tape to temporarily hold pieces together so I can see what needs to be modified.  This particular version of the old payphone can be hung on the wall because I added holes in the back in the Pazzles wpc file.  I was going to try to make the ear part 3D, but decided to just let it be flat (I may make a Pazzles wpc file of just a 3D version of the ear piece once I can "see" it in my head).  The cord piece will be shown in my final version.

Here’s a photo of the finished old payphone in black.

I decided to make the first old payphone plain - black, white, and silver.  When I do this again, I'll bling it out or at least give it its own personality (depends on who I make one for). 

The photo doesn’t show it clearly, but I sealed in the acrylic paint with glossy mod podge.  I really love the finished product!

Here's a smaller red version (Nov 6, 2014):

Here are some videos showing how I assembled this project:

Take a look at my telephone booth here.