3D Payphone

Here is the beginning construction- the part I call "the fitting".  I used ATG tape to temporarily hold pieces together so I can see what needs to be modified.  This particular version of the old payphone can be hung on the wall because I added holes in the back in the Pazzles wpc file.  I was going to try to make the ear part 3D, but decided to just let it be flat (I may make a Pazzles wpc file of just a 3D version of the ear piece once I can "see" it in my head).  The cord piece will be shown in my final version.

Here’s a photo of the finished old payphone in black.

I decided to make the first old payphone plain - black, white, and silver.  When I do this again, I'll bling it out or at least give it its own personality (depends on who I make one for). 

The photo doesn’t show it clearly, but I sealed in the acrylic paint with glossy mod podge.  I really love the finished product!

Here's a smaller red version (Nov 6, 2014):

Here are some videos showing how I assembled this project:

Take a look at my telephone booth here.



  1. This is my first time visiting your blog. You are very talented.

    1. Hi Danita

      Thank you very much. Thank you for stopping by and commenting too. :-)