Hi folks

I finished the final part of the TARDIS box!  I made videos, but it doesn't have the base included (I forgot about it until I looked at the photo I was using to make the TARDIS).  The base will be assembled like the bottom roof tops, so it will be an easy assembly.

Here's a couple of photos and the tutorial videos.

UPDATE July 6, 2014:  Wow, most of my customers have said they've been using this box solely as a display (like I do).  I have a tea light inside of mine now.  I just had someone tell me they will be using it as a gift box to put in other Dr. items.  Good idea!  :-)

Thanks for visiting.  :-)  You can find this file in my etsy shop.



Violin Gift Bag - Style 2 (SVG and WPC files)

Hi there

Here's another style (Style 2) of a Violin gift bag I created in my Pazzles software.  This file is available in both SVG and WPC.  Available on Etsy.

Style 2 - Violin Gift Bag

Thanks for stopping by.  :-)



SVG File - Violin Gift Bag/Box

I am so excited!  I finally put myself in the world of SVGs.

Here's one of the files I finished converting to SVG today.

Here's the video tutorial.  Why is it that when you're making a video your voice wants to do crazy things?  :-)


Find it at Etsy.

My files are all going to be in WPC and SVG format soon.  If you want a file that is in WPC format but not in SVG, just let me know and I will convert it if I haven't done so already.



Introducing My First Guest Designer

Hi everybody

I have my first guest designer!! I am so excited!

Pam, thank you so much for presenting my first SVG file and thank you for the tips you gave me.

Pam's Youtube Video for Alarm Clock SVG


Violin Gift Bags (and box) - WPC File

Hey there

Here are a couple of gift bag prototypes I'm working on.  The brown violin has an inside box (or semi-box) with a violin front and back attached.  The blue version of the violin is a 3D version (at least in my mind it's 3D  :-)  ).

I think I'm going to make the bag taller on the brown bag and make the sides taller on the blue one, but not sure yet.  What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by.


November 15, 2013:

Here is an attempt to make the violin 3d Gift bag/box using chipboard.  I like the sturdiness of it, but it sure is difficult to glue.  I need a wet glue that dries fast and holds well with chipboard!


Guitar Purse Gift Bag - SVG File

Hey all

Here's a guitar purse gift bag that I created in my Pazzles software.  I'm proud of this bag because I've been successful in making rounded things instead of square edges.

Thanks for stopping by.  Video tutorial below:



3D Vintage Alarm Clock - Original - SVG File

Here's the original wpc file for the 3D vintage alarm clock (inspired by the Tim Holtz metal alarm clock).

This file has one long mid section to attach the front and back of the alarm clock.  The chipboard file has two mid-section pieces.

Watch the videos below to see how I assembled this version of the file.

Visit my etsy shop to download this file.

Thanks for stopping by.  :-)


3D Vintage Alarm Clock Photo Frame or Christmas Ornament - SVG Cut File

Here's my version of a vintage alarm clock (inspired by Tim Holtz's alarm clock).

I created 2 versions of this file.  One is solely for chipboard, which in my case is 8.5" x 10.25" and I have another version for paper/cardstock that is 12"x12".  The reason I did that was because the mid section that is adhered to the front and back is longer than my chipboard so I had to make two pieces.  The other version has one whole piece for the mid section.  If you have chipboard that is 12"x12" I recommend using the original wpc file, not the chipboard version.  If you order the wpc cut file, please order the correct one for your paper size.  Oh, the chipboard version will have two seams - one at the top and one at the bottom.

Here is what I've done with the chipboard version.  Can you tell where the seam is located?

I painted the chipboard with acrylic paint and sealed it with mod podge (one of my most favorite supplies).  I used one of my Christmas stamps to stamp onto the surface.  I used white acrylic paint instead of ink.

You can use this box for a photo frame, candy container, or a Christmas ornament (I'm sure you'll have even more ideas).  I have a template in both files so you can cut out some acetate to fit on the inside front of the box.  I forgot to add the acetate in mine (aaarrrggghhh).

Thanks for stopping by.

The wpc cut file is sold in my etsy shop.