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I have to write about this.  I used to love Amazon.com.  I still shop on the site, but I have to be much more careful these days.  I’ve ordered from Amazon for more than a decade and I'm here to tell you there have been tons of changes - most are not good. Amazon still has great customer service if you order from them and not one of their vendors.


This is only good if you order online a lot.  Think about how you order online and average out how much shipping you think you’ll do in a year.  For me, Prime would not be worth it because I would not be paying $79 a year in shipping on a regular basis because I'm always looking for free shipping (or so it says, but the cost has to fit what I want to pay).

The commercial makes it sound great because they keep emphasizing the word "free".  It's a trial.


I find this to be silly.  If I can't buy a $2 item because I haven't opted to spend $25+, then I'll just purchase it some place else.  Amazon lost a sale (they have lost quite a few sales from me because of this new feature they have added to their website).  I'm sure Amazon get a lot of people to spend more than they have to, but it won't be me.  Oh well, many retailers get away with the "buy this much to get this little" ploy.  It just won't work on me.  If I don't want to spend $50 just to be able to buy an item for $2.00 I just won't do it.  It's just plain silly.

If you don’t care about customer service, then order from China or Hong Kong.  More than likely if you are not satisfied with your items, you will lose because if you want to ship it back you will have to pay for shipping and shipping will more than likely cost more than the item you hate.

Also, the other scam I don’t like is the restocking fee thing (this also happens in the USA).  Why should we have to pay a restocking fee on a defective or unwanted item?  Unfortunately we don’t know about this scam until it’s too late.

I have asked Amazon a number of times to give us the option to choose which country we want to order from, like on eBay.  Even though, on eBay, the vendors can be deceptive.  They state they are in the USA, but they are not.  They state they have multiple locations, but there is no way to know if your particular items will be sent from your country of choice.  I ordered an item and it showed the location was in New Jersey, but when I got the item almost a month later, it was shipped from China.

Also, many times, look forward to the picture not matching what you ordered on Amazon.  This has happened to me twice when ordering from a vendor not in the USA. The vendor will just substitute without a care as if it’s no big deal and make it difficult (not economical) for you to return the item.  I keep a list of vendors I will not order from again.


I’m not sure what this is about, but today I went looking to order more quick dry glue.  I saw some decent prices, but there were a couple of listings that stood out.  One bottle of this glue was almost $20!  One roll of ATG tape was over $10?!  Nuts!  I buy my tape from findtape.com.  With shipping I can get 3 rolls of ATG tape for $10 and that is with shipping.  This is an alternative to ATG tape and it works just as well.

I like to save items in my wishlist on Amazon, but some I have to get rid of quickly.  One instance is a pack of paper I wanted because I couldn't find it locally.  It was a pack of 12x12 cardstock.  I will pay up to $15 for 48 sheets of really nice cardstock, but I will never pay more.  On Amazon I was looking for some DCWV cardstock and the vendor was selling it for almost $27 for 48 sheets!  That's not the worst.  I've seen cardstock that I know is only about $14 for 48 sheets to be sold on Amazon for $70+!


Ebay has always had its problems.  Your risks increase on ebay when you purchase electronics, but I won't go into that right now.  My problem right now is sellers lying about their location.  I purposely try to narrow down the location before I order items on ebay.  Mainly because I don't want to wait a month or more to receive items I order (also customer service is the worst and there are usually no way to see tracking information).   All I want is to be able to choose where I want to order from and not to be tricked.
Before ordering things online, try your best to think about whether or not you can get a better price.  The best thing about shopping online is the fact that you can visit many stores without driving to each place.  I personally like ordering online, but if I can't trust the vendor, I have to stop dealing with them.  Amazon and Ebay have been my fav places to order from for over a decade, but now they have changed for the worst and can barely be trusted.

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