Valentine's Day Gift Wagon (SVG)

Here's a simple little "B My Valentine" Valentine's Day Gift Wagon in SVG format.  Fill it with candy or other lightweight gift.  Speaking of filling it up - I recommend you use chipboard for this wagon (or maybe not put the wheels on).

Find this file in my Etsy shop.  It's an instant download!


Snowing in Georgia

I forgot to post this, but here are some photos of the snow we got yesterday.  The kids were out of school and will be out today too.  The roads are icy and it is cold!  I feel for people with bald tires and people who don't know they should slow down.  I saw two cars on the side of the road and the passengers were not looking happy.  Probably driving too fast like people do when it's raining outside.  Aaaarrrggghhh!

I felt so sorry for the birds.  All I could think about was the little birdies that were in a nest someplace and mom not expecting the snow.  We have a nest on the drain thingy on the side of the house. I hope they are gone already and found a warm spot to hang out in.  I had this image in my head of building them a bird house and putting pieces of a blanket inside for them to keep warm.

I saw a cat behind my neighbors house.  I wish I could give them a warm place to stay until this is over.  I guess the squirrels had already found a warm place because I didn't see them at all today and I normally see a LOT of them around.

I think the snow may have froze up the ant beds because I didn't see any ants in my bathroom today.  Now those little pesky things I have no feelings for at all.

I used to live in Connecticut and Utah, so this amount of snow is nothing really, but it is a big deal when the state doesn't know how to handle the roads to make them safer.

Snow is so pretty when it's fresh, but once the dirt get mixed in, it's really ugly.


Hummer PopUp Greeting Card (SVG File)

I initially made this hummer popup card for a 48th birthday card. I can customize the file to add any age you like.

Gina Stevens

Corset Valentine's Day PopUp Card (SVG File) - WINNER OF THE SOC CHALLENGE!

UPDATE for Feb 18th:  Just found out I won the Valentine (or color) SVG Challenge over at Scraps of Color (SOC)!

I am so surprised because I don't normally enter challenges AND I don't normally win anything.  So, that has to be a good sign for 2014.  Yayyyy!

Corset Valentine's Day PopUp Card with small envelope in SVG format.  Ready for instant download from Etsy.

Check out the Corset SVG Die Cut too.


FAITH popup greeting card (SVG File)

FAITH popup card with envelope.  This is how I decorated it, but you would have to add your own text.  Visit my Etsy shop for the SVG file.  I still have this card available, so if you want to download it for $3 USD, let me know and I will send you a PayPal invoice.

Hummer Birthday Card with Gift Tag and Envelope (SVG File)

Here's as Hummer birthday card and gift tag (with small envelope).

If you want this card, contact me and I can send you an invoice for $5.  It's a downloadable svg file.

Gina Stevens


Jimi Hendrix Vinyl Car Decal (SVG)

I found an image of Jimi Hendrix online and converted it to a vinyl decal.  It sure is a task to find a good image to convert. Weeding this was really easy.  It's really all about having a good blade to cut.

Here is what I put on the back of my car window, except the one on my car window is beige.  I wanted this color, but I messed it up from using the wrong contact paper and got a ton of bubbles.

Happy Birthday Anna PopUp Card (SVG File) - Small

This SVG file can be purchased as is, but if you want a specific name (one that isn't too long), contact me so I can set up an Etsy link for you.  The zip file includes the envelope, card base, card insert, happy birthday text, and balloon cutout.


Convert Files to SVG Using An Online Converter

Have you tried this online SVG converter?  I’ve seen it before, but I found it again while searching for some SVG information.

I’ve tried a few file types such as PDFs, jpgs, gifs and WPC files.  This converter cannot convert .wpc files.  The PDF, .gif, and .jpg files converted beautifully (not all PDFs will convert nicely - I think they have to be vectorized first and I don't know how to do that yet).  I tried creating my own PDF to convert, but it didn't work.

If you try it, let me know how it works out for you.  Remember, whenever you convert files, there will be some editing you'll need to do.

I found this really cute coloring page of a little boy with a lollipop.  He's a .gif.

I uploaded the .gif to my PC, then I uploaded the .gif into the SVG converter.  I then saved the .svg file on my PC and opened the .svg file in my die-cutter software.  I had to do some tweaking, of course, but here is how the coverted .gif looked before I made any tweaks.

This svg converter is really cool.  You should really try it (at your own risk).  Personally, I think it's safe, but we are on the Internet - what's safe today may not be safe in the next second (just keep that anti-virus software updated).  I've tried it a few times and nothing bad happened, which is why I'm introducing it to you.

I may not use it much because I create my files in my Pazzles software (.wpc).  I have to manually convert the .wpc in Make-The-Cut and/or SCAL 3.  I'm not complaining because I really like to work in all those applications.  All of them serve their purposes.

Viewing SVG Files in thumbnail view on your PC


Horse Head and Clock Man Cave Vinyl Decal Design

Here's a vinyl decal design I created in my Pazzles software.  The horse is an image from the Pazzles library.  The horse head man cave vinyl decal design is a SVG file.  The logo will not be in the SVG file.  You can make the design any size you want.


Pop Up Cards at CraftyChipboard's Etsy Shop

Here's two pop up cards I made recently.  Both are in my Etsy shop in SVG format and they are an instant download.  Both files have a small envelope included.

Small Valentine's Day Pop Up Card with Envelope

Small Obama Pop Up Card "Si Se Puede"


Images Disappeared from my Google Blog!

WARNING!  If you are using Google+ and blogger, save all your images to a file NOW with good names so you'll know which image goes with which post. 


This is so crazy!  I opened my blog today and all of my images were gone!  I went looking for help, but no luck.  I saw a post where others were blamed for deleting their images from Picasa, which is what Google uses, but I'm here to tell you, I did not delete my images from my blog.  I had no idea I was even using Picasa.

Well I found a link for Picasa while uploading my images back to this blog, but I saw multiple copies of the same images and not even a third of what I've loaded over the years!  One of the images is a profile pic and it's in the picasa album like 8 times!

This is nuts!  I'm hoping to be able to find most of the images, but this is going to take me a while. If you don't see an image on a post, let me know and I will try to locate the image so I can reupload.

I've deleted a few posts because I know for sure I won't find those particular images. So, if you run across a deleted post, that's why ----- can't find the image for it.

Darn.  Thanks Google.


Steampunk Book Cover (SVG File)

Here's an 8" x 10" Steampunk Gear Book Cover SVG file.  Of course, you can resize this file to fit your notebook or mini album.

I left the holes out so that you can add your own holes.

This die-cut can be used for many purposes including on a scrapbook page, as a book cover, notebook cover, or whatever you like. I've used this file, so far, as a notebook cover. I used .022 chipboard for sturdiness. You can also incorporate it into or make into a greeting card.

No longer in my Etsy shop, but if you want it, contact me.  It's a $2.50 USD downloadable file.


Soap Box Packaging - Butterfly

Here's a soap box packaging with a butterfly cutout.  No longer available.

Assembled,  the measurements are approximately 2 1/4" W x 3 3/4" L x 1 1/4" H.

Hope you like it.  :-)



Viewing SVG files

If you're like many of us who like to view your files before you open them, you'll really appreciate this SVG viewer.  I downloaded it yesterday after roaming through my new favorite forum, Make-The-Cut (MTC).

I found this link in a Tips and Tricks category on the MTC forum.  I'm so happy this member posted this link so that I don’t have to make my own jpgs or pngs to accompany the files I create.  This means fewer files for me to store and keep up with.  There's nothing like saving space on my hard drive.

Once you click on the link, look to the left/top and click on the Downloads link on the menu
--Choose your version to download by clicking and saving it to your PC
--Choose a location you can remember because you will need to go there to click on the executable file to download it to your PC (for me, I always choose my Downloads folder on my hard drive).

Be sure to follow instructions closely.  There will be a note telling you to make sure all software are closed, that includes your browser(s).  If you don't do this, there's a chance something you have open while installing the new file will try to react with the opened software and we don't want that because the opened software may stop working as expected.  These instructions are for a lot of software installations, but not all (keep an eye out when installing software).

If Pazzles would provide a .wpc viewer it would be awesome and I would be one of the happiest people in the world!


Saving all those die-cut files (dropbox)

Like to save LOTS of die-cut files, visit dropbox.  It's a cloud location and you get 2GB free, initially.  The site tells you how you can get more space too.

Even if you save your files to an external location (external hard drive and/or cloud), you should still save the files to a SD card or flash drive once or twice a month.  Also, the less files on your local hard drive, especially images, photos, and videos, the better.  Saving a ton of files like the ones I mentioned on your local hard drive will slow down your computer.  If you have your files on a local hard drive folder, click on the properties to see how much space you've used for that folder alone.  It adds up for sure.

The dropbox would be great for saving files that are too big to email (like the videos you want to share, but don't want to put on YouTube).  You can upload the files to dropbox and provide a link to your recipient(s).  The other good thing is being able to access the files when you're away from home from any computer with an Internet connection.  Imagine accessing your files while at a crafting event.  You wouldn't have to worry about forgetting the files at home.

After cleaning off tons of files like I mentioned above, use a "Disk Defragmenter" process on your PC (Windows 7) and a "Disk Cleanup" so that your files can be stored in a way that will make your PC faster (if you don't have windows 7, do a search such as "Disk Defragmenter for (your OS name)".

It's easy to keep your hard drive clean, but it's really easy to forget to do backups until we lose our files (been there done that years ago and hope to never have to go through that again).


Happy New Year!

Well, another year is behind us and a new year begins.  This year I’ll be adding some free svgs to the blog so stop by often to check them out by clicking on the Free Cut Files tab at the top.