Convert Files to SVG Using An Online Converter

Have you tried this online SVG converter?  I’ve seen it before, but I found it again while searching for some SVG information.

I’ve tried a few file types such as PDFs, jpgs, gifs and WPC files.  This converter cannot convert .wpc files.  The PDF, .gif, and .jpg files converted beautifully (not all PDFs will convert nicely - I think they have to be vectorized first and I don't know how to do that yet).  I tried creating my own PDF to convert, but it didn't work.

If you try it, let me know how it works out for you.  Remember, whenever you convert files, there will be some editing you'll need to do.

I found this really cute coloring page of a little boy with a lollipop.  He's a .gif.

I uploaded the .gif to my PC, then I uploaded the .gif into the SVG converter.  I then saved the .svg file on my PC and opened the .svg file in my die-cutter software.  I had to do some tweaking, of course, but here is how the coverted .gif looked before I made any tweaks.

This svg converter is really cool.  You should really try it (at your own risk).  Personally, I think it's safe, but we are on the Internet - what's safe today may not be safe in the next second (just keep that anti-virus software updated).  I've tried it a few times and nothing bad happened, which is why I'm introducing it to you.

I may not use it much because I create my files in my Pazzles software (.wpc).  I have to manually convert the .wpc in Make-The-Cut and/or SCAL 3.  I'm not complaining because I really like to work in all those applications.  All of them serve their purposes.

Viewing SVG Files in thumbnail view on your PC


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