Images Disappeared from my Google Blog!

WARNING!  If you are using Google+ and blogger, save all your images to a file NOW with good names so you'll know which image goes with which post. 


This is so crazy!  I opened my blog today and all of my images were gone!  I went looking for help, but no luck.  I saw a post where others were blamed for deleting their images from Picasa, which is what Google uses, but I'm here to tell you, I did not delete my images from my blog.  I had no idea I was even using Picasa.

Well I found a link for Picasa while uploading my images back to this blog, but I saw multiple copies of the same images and not even a third of what I've loaded over the years!  One of the images is a profile pic and it's in the picasa album like 8 times!

This is nuts!  I'm hoping to be able to find most of the images, but this is going to take me a while. If you don't see an image on a post, let me know and I will try to locate the image so I can reupload.

I've deleted a few posts because I know for sure I won't find those particular images. So, if you run across a deleted post, that's why ----- can't find the image for it.

Darn.  Thanks Google.

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