Snowing in Georgia

I forgot to post this, but here are some photos of the snow we got yesterday.  The kids were out of school and will be out today too.  The roads are icy and it is cold!  I feel for people with bald tires and people who don't know they should slow down.  I saw two cars on the side of the road and the passengers were not looking happy.  Probably driving too fast like people do when it's raining outside.  Aaaarrrggghhh!

I felt so sorry for the birds.  All I could think about was the little birdies that were in a nest someplace and mom not expecting the snow.  We have a nest on the drain thingy on the side of the house. I hope they are gone already and found a warm spot to hang out in.  I had this image in my head of building them a bird house and putting pieces of a blanket inside for them to keep warm.

I saw a cat behind my neighbors house.  I wish I could give them a warm place to stay until this is over.  I guess the squirrels had already found a warm place because I didn't see them at all today and I normally see a LOT of them around.

I think the snow may have froze up the ant beds because I didn't see any ants in my bathroom today.  Now those little pesky things I have no feelings for at all.

I used to live in Connecticut and Utah, so this amount of snow is nothing really, but it is a big deal when the state doesn't know how to handle the roads to make them safer.

Snow is so pretty when it's fresh, but once the dirt get mixed in, it's really ugly.

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