Popup Bunny Greeting Card 2014 (Popup Card Studio)

Hey folks

Here's as popup bunny greeting card for you to freely download.  Just remember it's for personal use only.

In the zip file you will find a png, mtc, pcs, and svg files.  You will also have a card backing for the insert that is about 1/4" bigger than the insert and a small envelope.

Have fun.



The virtual snapshot shows a shadow that I've got to learn how to get rid of.  Once I find out, I'll let you know.


Practice Gazebo Welcome Popup Card (SVG, MTC, PCS)

Here's a Gazebo Welcome popup card I made using PopUp Card Studio.  The zip file includes the insert, a backing for the card that is about 1/4" bigger in size, and a small envelope.

The image you see is what PCS renders in the Virtual Snapshot.

Have fun.


Easter Greeting Popup Card (SVG and MTC)

Here's a practice file for you.  In the zip file there will be svg, pcs, mtc, and a png file.  Also, included is a popup card insert, popup card base, and a small envelope.  There are some pieces in the file for you to print and cut to put on top of the two eggs and the word EASTER.


Have fun!

Open Easter Egg (Print and Cut and Paper Piecing)

Here's an image I created in my Pazzles software.  I uploaded it to Make-The-Cut forum as a share too.

The zip file includes both .mtc and .svg files.  You can print and cut and/or use as a paper piecing.  Click on the image to download the zip file



First Bunny Rabbit for Easter 2014 (MTC and SVG)

Here's my first bunny rabbit for 2014.  It can be used as a print and cut or a paper piecing.  I have it in the mtc and svg file formats.  If you want it, email me and I'll send the file to you. Just let me know which file format.

This image is not real clear on this page, but the actual file is clear.


Pazzles Inspiration - Replacing the USB Cable

UPDATE March  11, 2014:  I still think something is wrong with either my machine or the blade holder.  I just got new blades.  I cut some fairly thin paper at 1.5 blade depth and at 27 pressure.  I only cut a few times then I had to change the blade depth to 2 and pressure to 15.

I just recently had a bit of a scare with my Pazzles Inspiration die-cutter.  I thought I was going to be without a machine until I could buy a new one because I’m not willing or can afford to send it in for repairs.

Anyway, my cuts were awful.  Imagine cutting a small square and one side cuts deep while the other side barely scratches the surface.  I had my blade depth set at 4 and 5 with pressures in the 30s in order to cut regular paper from Walmart.  Sometimes when I had my blade depth at 1.5 and a pressure of 25, it would dig into the mat too!  I destroyed a mat and wasted a lot of paper.  I could not get a consistent cut at all.  I tried some of everything.  Test cutting wasn’t working because the test cuts would be nothing like the real projects I wanted to cut.

After much troubleshooting, I found out a couple of things.  One is that in MTC, I needed to bring my blade offset down to .08mm because my start and end points were not closing up properly (this had nothing to do with the cord though, but was a part of my troubleshooting for the past week).  Secondly, the worst of all, was the inconsistent cuts.  I spoke with someone on the MTC forum and she ran some ideas by me.  Since I had already tried all the other suggestions, the only one I could try was to change the USB cable from the one that shipped with the die-cutter.  I had a usb cable from a while back because I needed a new one for a printer.  I ended up finding the old one and stuck the new one in a drawer.  I am so happy I had it on hand because I needed it for my Pazzles.  Once I plugged it in it worked like a charm!  I am now cutting as I expect!  I am sooooo happy I could scream!
I recommend you purchase a USB 2.0 cable for backup.  They come in handy for not just die-cutters, but printers too.  It’s an upgrade and faster than the old versions.  I have no idea what version Pazzles USB cable is, but it was time to change it I guess.  I’ve never had a USB cable go bad on me, but hey, stuff happens.


Origami, Kirigami, Popups (Resources)

I have read quite a bit about origami, kirigami, and popups.  I am not sure which technique I use, but I think it's kirigami because what I do involves folding and cutting resulting in a 3D image and using one sheet of paper to display it.....but I make popup cards using Popup Card Studio (PCS) by Make-The-Cut (MTC).  Let me tell you, I'm so happy to have both of these applications because I was manually making popup cards.  If you've ever made a popup card manually, you know it takes a while.  It's relaxing, but now that I know how to make the popups manually, I really want to make them faster using software.  Did I mention I'm a software hound too (will try to learn every one I know about)?  I'm getting the best of a few worlds.  I love creating, technology, art, paper, electronics (in this case my Pazzles), and software.  Can't go wrong there!  :-)

On this page I'll introduce you to some resources I like regarding these techniques.  I will also, if I remember, add some definitions and photos as well.  More than likely, the resources I will list will be my favorites.  Some of the images will just be random images.

Websites and Videos
Elod's Youtube Channel

Zielboer youtube channel



Black History

I initially made this ATC for an entry into an ATC Black History challenge over at Scraps of Color (SOC), but thought I should make an individual post for Black History (I also have this ATC listed on my 2014 Challenges page).

I'm not a history buff by a long shot, but I enjoy reading about history, especially about Art History.  I also like history from many different cultures.  My mind would feel blank if I only knew what was happening "today" and in one area of society or the world for that matter.  Without knowing what happened yesterday, you are bound to repeat some bad things AND not know about good things that has led to the good things of today.

Here's my ATC for the SOC challenge.  This is Edmonia Lewis. Click on her name to read more about this sculptor.

Here's some of her amazing work.  There's plenty more of her sculptures.  Some I've seen before but didn't know the artist's name.

The Death of Cleopatra (1876)


Forever Free (1867)

The Marriage of Hiawatha (1868)

Check her out when you get a chance.  Don't just rely on my source, there are many sources to read.  She completed quite a few sculptures.

A Crafter's Small Stash (General Chat)

I bet you feel overwhelmed looking for crafting supplies and gadgets to use, right?  I bet you wish you could find just one place to have all of your questions answered too (not going to happen unfortunately).

I’ve been crafting in some form or another for as long as I can remember.  I know for sure I’ve been crafting since before I could read.  I only started crafting in electronic form since 2010 if you don’t count creating newsletter and flyers in desktop publishing.

I started crafting in electronic form after I saw an infomercial one early morning.  It was this machine that cut shapes.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!  I was ecstatic!  I remember thinking some things like:

--You mean there’s a machine I could use and I won’t have to use scissors?!!
--What?  I can buy these images to cut on this machine?
--How much is it?!!
--How fast can I get it?!

Once I got this machine in my possession, I made a ton of greeting cards.  Greeting cards were my thing back then. I still make them, but not like I did back in 2010.  As time went on, I bought the juke box and the Gypsy.  At the time I couldn’t even imagine how I got along without them.  I sold the juke box after getting the Gypsy.  The Gypsy was super cool because I could design on the go.

I have since sold the Cricut Expression, the juke box, and the Gypsy and I now can’t believe I spent so much money on those cartridges.  I actually didn’t go too crazy with buying the cartridges.  I think all in all I only had about 15-20 cartridges.  I surely didn’t own them all.  I would probably still be stuck on these products if better options had not arrived on the scene.  I don’t like Provocraft’s ethics, but I have to thank them for getting me started in the electronic die-cutting world. They don’t have to worry about me buying anything from them except their mats.

Ok, I don’t believe in owning so many machines that do the same thing or practically the same thing.  I have to admit that if the Big Bite had been out before the Crop-A-Dile, I wouldn’t have the Crop-A-Dile.  If the Cinch had been around before the Bind-It-All, I wouldn’t have the Bind-It-All.  I would much rather spend my little money on supplies than crafting machines, which is why I only own the following:

Pazzles Inspiration Die-Cut Machine
Big Bite
Sizzix Texture Boutique Embosser
Bind-It All
Blue Cinch
Heat Gun
Hot Glue Gun

When I first bought my Cricut E, I bought a couple of punches because I saw people using them on Youtube (playing follow the leader I guess).  I had to stop and think a little.  Why would I buy a punch when I could cut the shape out on my die-cut machine?

I really wanted a cuttlebug, but I decided not to get it because I already had a die-cutter.  I only wanted the embossing so I felt happy when I found the Sizzix Texture Boutique Embossing machine.

I don’t have a lot of room to do crafts in so for that reason alone I don’t feel as though I need multiple die-cutters.  When I buy another die-cutter, I will be trying to sell my Pazzles Inspiration or donate it to someone.  I won’t hoard it because I don’t want it to take up any space.

My main weakness in crafting is paper.  I LOVE paper.  I have some kind of paper addiction and I’ve been this way forever.  If I could afford it, my paper stash would be enormous.  If I had the room, I would have one room dedicated to just paper.

Another weakness I have is pens and markers.  I am really picky about what kind of writing pens I use.  If I have to put too much pressure on the pen, to me it’s not a good pen.  I like smooth writing pens that don’t make me feel stress in my hands when I’m writing with it.  My favorite markers to date are Copics.  They’re alcohol inks and not cheap, but they are the best I’ve ever used.

The glues I use most are Mod Podge, Scotch Quick Dry, and Glossy Accents.  Mod Podge and Glossy Accents can be used for different things too - not just for gluing things.  When I first bought Glossy Accents I bought it to make a glass-like look in a metal book plate on a greeting card.  It dries hard and clear.  It reminds me of resin.  Mod Podge is a glue and a sealer.  I like heat embossing, but sometimes I need a quick fix and I’ll use Mod Podge to get the shine I’m looking for.

Speaking of heat embossing, it’s a favorite too.  I used to incorporate this technique in everything I made because of the shine of it and how it sealed up my project.  I like fine grain heat embossing powder and I LOVE Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel aka UTEE.  This stuff is super cool.  If you put about 3 coats on, the object looks like glass.

I can go on and on about what I like about crafting and supplies I use, but I better stop here or look for a book publisher.

If you’re reading this line, I can’t believe you made it this far.  lol


Popup Card Studio (PCS) Tutorials

Hey there

I will be making some PopUp Card Studio (PCS) videos soon.  I'm mainly making these videos so I can look back to see my progress.  I'm hoping to be able to teach others how to use the software as I learn to use the software myself.

If you have any comments or suggestions, don't hesitate to write them below or email me.


Make-The-Cut and PopUp Card Studio (Pazzles Inspiration Blade Offset)

Hey all

I'm writing this post for people who have the Pazzles Inspiration Die-Cut machine and use Make-The-Cut (MTC) - Verson 4.6.1.

I'm new to using MTC even though I've had it on my computer since 2011.  I recently started to cut from it because I have the new Popup Card Studio (PCS) software by MTC.  This is when I started to notice my cuts were off.  The beginning of the post is at the very bottom.
Feb 18, 2014

After days of trying so many different things, I've had some success, but my methods were a surprise to me. I did just the opposite of what I normally do in some cases, like cutting in high speeds with a high blade length and using multi-cut on regular cardstock.

First, I use Color Bok paper from Walmart.  I've been cutting designs using this paper for a long time.  My Pazzles love it.  MTCs Pazzles plug-in does not seem to like it much.

At first I was using a blade depth of 1.5 and up to 29 for pressure because 1.5 blade depth and 30+ kept ripping up my paper in random areas.  After reading some posts on MTC, one of the Pazzles gurus told me she uses a blade depth of 2.5.  My blade is fairly new and I have never had to use a blade depth of 2.5 on anything but .022 chipboard.  I also read on the forum that I should decrease the speed to 2 to stop the ripping.

In my Pazzles software I don't use a speed of 5 unless it is for my score marks.  In MTC, I used a speed of 5 for all the cuts, along with a blade depth of 2.5 and pressure of 23, but I had to cut this cardstock twice!  When I decreased the speed to 3 and 2, my paper ripped the text in some areas.  Hmmm.  Still not sure why the Pazzles plug-in on my machine wants to go fast to cut accurately.

I went back to my Pazzles machine and tried to cut the same file.  I had to put the blade depth back on 1.5 and put the pressure at 25 and I only had to cut the design once.

I am sooooo confused.

Now, this is where I had duh moments:

I was thoroughly upset because my cuts were so wonky when I tried cutting the svg files created by PCS in MTC.  I kept thinking I was going to have to take the SVG file back into the Pazzles software, which does not handle SVG files well, but was cutting so much better.  Well, the truth is that you must do some editing after transporting files from one application to another.  I knew this, but it was so far back in my brain it was lost.

So, after I made a basic PCS file, converted it to SVG and brought it into MTC, I put the score marks on one layer and the cut lines on another layer, as it should be, and my cuts were much better when I cut each section by itself.  The duh moment here was me trying to "just cut" the file in its entirety (letting the machine cut whatever whenever).  That was so wrong.  I can't do this in my Pazzles software so why was I expecting it to work in MTC?  My senior moments had increased to the 3rd power, but I think I'm ok now.  :-)  I won't say I've found the perfect solution for cutting these files just yet, but it has gotten better with a lot of trial and error.

The other thing I've got to learn is how to tell if I need to have Auto Simplify on or off in MTC.

Feb 17
Ok, I don't think this has anything to do with each other, but since I changed the blade offset in MTC to .08mm, my Pazzles knife offset had to be changed from 12 to 10.  I'm thinking something is up with the SVG files created by PCS.  I may be wrong, but I don't have issues cutting SVG files that are not created by PCS.  AAAArrrggghh! I know Andy will be on top of this if others have the same issue, so no worries here.  I just have to deal with this for now.  If I knew how to manipulate nodes in MTC like I do in Pazzles Pro, maybe I could make some other changes that might help me out.  I turned on the node feature in MTC, but I don't see any open paths in the PCS converted SVG, so not sure if nodes are my problem.

I cut some other svg files in MTC without a problem at all.  I kept the blade offset at the default of .33mm for the Pazzles Inspiration plug-in.  When I cut the PCS files I had to change the blade offset to a much lower number.  I changed the blade offset from .33mm to .08mm and the cut is just fine.  I don't know if I will need to change the blade offset again for other non-PCS files, but I'll let you know if I do.
Feb 16, 2014

This is what I was getting when I was cutting the SVG files created from PCS:

This was driving me crazy.  I did some research and someone from 2011 stated he/she decreased their blade offset to .10mm and closed the start and end point.  When I changed my blade offset to .10mm, the cut was good, but I could still see the little snag, which is why I tried the .08mm blade offset.  So far, so good.


Free Centennial Atlanta PopUp Card (PopUp Card Studio)

Here's a simple little popup card for ya.  It's called the Centennial Atlanta popup card.  I created this card using Popup Card Studio.  In the zip file you will find a .pcs file as well as a .svg file.


Click on the photo for the download.

If you make one, send me a photo so I can see it!  :-)


Learning PopUp Card Studio (PCS) by Make-The-Cut (MTC)

I love this new popup card software by MTC.  It's really not too difficult to use, but I have to get used to the short cut keys and seeing things in a popup kinda way on a computer.  As you know I like to make 3D projects.  I've made popups manually, but I have to see the software side a bit differently.  I like a challenge, so it's all good.  :-)

UPDATE:  I tried to assemble this house and got so frustrated I decided to reconstruct it to make the rooftops more manageable.  Right now the shingles are too skinny and easily break away.  I'll update with a new photo as soon as I get this right.

Here is my first house.  I've sent a help signal out on MTCs forum to help me with those darn windows.  Adding windows is not so to the point in PCS, but as with anything, you have to learn the rules.

I can definitely see some pieces falling out and leaving just a hole.  We don't want that.

This is the house I used as an inspiration.  It seemed simple enough because I could see what pieces I should place on different planes.  I know for sure I will have to redo the garage and front door.  I'll have to cut out some pieces and adhere it on.  I have learned that there is no way I can make a house look exactly like the photo because there are limitations to consider (no matter how much I want to).

I'm really happy Andy created MTC and PCS.  Thank you Andy!  :-)

If you all don't have MTC you should stop by and download the trial version at least - to see if you like it.  Make sure your die-cutter is compatible.  Andy has a list of supported die-cutters on the website.  The other good things about both of these applications is that they are not expensive, but do a lot AND you don't have to pay for updates.  On top of that, Andy and Ann have "the best" customer service I have ever experienced with software.

I'm not an affiliate, but if you go to the forum, say hi when you get there.  :-)



Corset Die-Cut for Valentine's Day (SVG)

Here's a 2-pc corset svg die-cut file.  The tie is the second piece.  This is my version of it.  I added rhinestuds to mine.

Don't cut this file too small because the ties are thin (unless your die-cutter can handle thinner cuts).

Get an instant download from my Etsy shop.

You may also be interested in the Corset Pop Up Card.

Talk with ya later.


TARDIS Earrings and Necklace (Glossy Mod Podge Sealed)

Ok, here's another version of the chipboard TARDIS earrings.  I sealed these with glossy mod podge and I made a necklace with this set.  I also added hotfix rhinestuds.

Here's the other earrings I made.  In that pair I incorrectly used the Diamond Glaze and created bubbles.  I know how to apply that stuff, but I hadn't used it in so long I had forgotten.  Oops. I wore them today too.

If you want this free file, let me know by leaving a comment below.  I can provide the free file in SVG, MTC, WPC, or PDF.  If I get enough interest, I'll provide a link.  Unless your name is Gina, I'll take the emblem on the right out of the file.

Chipboard TARDIS Earrings (Diamond Glaze Sealed)

Hello Sweeties

I've been wanting to make me a pair of TARDIS earrings since December 2013 when I saw my first episodes of Dr. Who.

I hadn't made a piece of jewelry in a long time.  I hadn't used Diamond Glaze in over a year, which is probably why I have lots of bubbles.  Aaaarrrggghhh!!  Guess what? I'm wearing them anyway because I love them! :-)

Instead of adding that emblem on the right, I put my name there.  hehehe

First I created the TARDIS in my Pazzles software.  I was initially trying to cut the pieces out, but they were too small so I decided to create it for print and glued it down on top of .022 chipboard.  I painted the back of the chipboard and the sides before I glued down the printed piece.  After that I added the Diamond Glaze on top.

I have all those bubbles because I used a brush to apply the Diamond Glaze. You're supposed to let that stuff flow naturally and I forgot to do that.

In the Pazzles Pro 2010 software I had to make up a color I thought would be close to the TARDIS color.  I got lucky and came up with this color and named it "TARDIS Blue" and added it to my default palette so I'll always have it.  Here's the combination:  R: 15, G: 156, B: 78,

I made the mod podge sealed chipboard TARDIS earrings and added a necklace.

Ok, talk to ya later.