Black History

I initially made this ATC for an entry into an ATC Black History challenge over at Scraps of Color (SOC), but thought I should make an individual post for Black History (I also have this ATC listed on my 2014 Challenges page).

I'm not a history buff by a long shot, but I enjoy reading about history, especially about Art History.  I also like history from many different cultures.  My mind would feel blank if I only knew what was happening "today" and in one area of society or the world for that matter.  Without knowing what happened yesterday, you are bound to repeat some bad things AND not know about good things that has led to the good things of today.

Here's my ATC for the SOC challenge.  This is Edmonia Lewis. Click on her name to read more about this sculptor.

Here's some of her amazing work.  There's plenty more of her sculptures.  Some I've seen before but didn't know the artist's name.

The Death of Cleopatra (1876)


Forever Free (1867)

The Marriage of Hiawatha (1868)

Check her out when you get a chance.  Don't just rely on my source, there are many sources to read.  She completed quite a few sculptures.

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